currently: spring 2021 edition.

Concept + title taken from Maribeth B.’s excellent blog post. ❤

*winces at the fact that my last post was published on April 30th*

Yikes. Has it really been so long? Sorry, guys! I don’t really have any excuses because I’ve *cough* been stuck at home with The Dreaded Plague for quite a while (thankfully, I’m back to work now–but it wasn’t a treat being cooped up for so long). So yeah, I had plenty of time to write blog posts. But I just didn’t really have a lot of inspiration. 😛 Anyway! I’m here today with a ‘catching up’ post to let y’all know what I’ve been doing (hopefully in an interesting way).

I am currently…


Well, I flew through Lord of the Rings in approximately two weeks. When I was feeling not so great and my eyes ached too much to read, I curled up in a chair and listened to Phil Dragash’s amaaaazing audiobook. He tries to do movie-accurate voices (often with great success, particularly Pippin and Aragorn) and there’s Howard Shore’s music and sound effects in the background…highly recommended! (The audiobooks are on! Here’s the link to the first one.)

Right now, I’m reading a book-for-review: Never Miss. It involves a mysterious heroine and a possibly man-made disease. Sounds intriguing, no? I’m hoping that it rises above typical Christian fiction blandness, but we shall see. You’ll hear my thoughts in a review sometime before the end of this month!


A couple Hitchcock films. Both re-watches, but they were still v. entertaining. Especially Dial M for Murder. Besides the fact that adultery is basically swept under the rug and there are no real consequences for it (plus, Mark and Margot get together in the end–we assume), it’s so good!! The other one I saw was The Lady Vanishes. Lots of fun. It’s such a sharp film with intelligent, likable characters (even though the villains’ plot kind of hinges on stuff out of their control–like that couple who are having an affair not admitting that they’d seen Miss Froy for their own reasons).

I also watched The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies with Rachel and that was such a treat. Definitely enjoyed it more when I watched it with her than I did the first time I saw it. One of my favorite parts was the White Council coming to Gandalf’s aid (particularly Warrior!Elrond). And then of course Martin Freeman’s Bilbo. Such a treasure.


Nothing these days, besides a bit of fanfiction. I do want to continue writing the sequel to Flicker, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Maybe today?


Going to church this Sunday. Possibly getting a government benefit for being a ‘critical worker’. (#money) Going out for lunch (and/or shopping) with my mom next week. Celebrating my oldest bro’s birthday tomorrow with applesauce cake and my gift to him which I’m suuuuper excited about (it’s a Funko Pop of one of his favorite LOTR characters–possibly his favorite, actually–Gimli). (I can say that ‘in public’ because I’m 99% sure he doesn’t read my blog.)


Instagram posts related to my freelance editing business! (Even if that just means tossing around ideas in my brain lol.) I know I need to be more professional about publishing posts on a schedule and all that, but it’s early days yet!


Youtube Music (paid version).


Chatting with Mary.


My own little space.

LOTR/The Hobbit soundtracks.


Animated films.

Butterscotch chips. (Like chocolate chips, but delicious caramel-y goodness.)

Lots of other little things. ❤


What have you been doing lately? Seen any good movies? Read any good books? Enjoyed any good food? Let me know in the comments!


9 thoughts on “currently: spring 2021 edition.

  1. Hey Eva! I always enjoy reading updates from you. 😀

    Hitchcock can be hit or miss… my family is on a project to watch all (or most) of his films. I think my favorite so far is probably Strangers on a Train, although Notorious was really good, too. The Lady Vanishes was one we definitely enjoyed!

    I haven’t watched a ton of movies lately, but I did see The Fugitive with Harrison Ford, and also rewatched Valkyrie with Tom Cruise, a favorite of mine. I don’t usually watch a lot of films with mainstream actors 😆 but these were surprisingly good. We also watched News of the World (Tom Hanks) a while back, and that was also well done.


    1. Oh, I really like Strangers on a Train! I agree that Hitchcock can be hit or miss though…for instance, I found Vertigo boring (and that’s considered his best by a lot of people).

      I’ve seen both The Fugitive and Valkyrie and I like both!


  2. I’m really excited about your editing business and where it’s going to take you. ❤

    I'm in the middle of my Doctor Who rewatch, which has been Soothing and Delightful. Nothing like a little time travel escapism. 😉 I also just started watching that 90s sitcom, The Nanny, and I'm cackling. New York Jewish humor is one of my favorite things in this world.

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