the lord of the rings tag.

Found over at Mary and the Words. source. MIDDLE EARTH: THE HOBBIT OR THE LORD OF THE RINGS? LOTR, for both book and movies. Though I do love The Hobbit (book) and enjoy several aspects of the film trilogy, LOTR was my first love. The depth of LOTR's story and the multitude of characters who … Continue reading the lord of the rings tag.

a movie ranking: Hugh Jackman.

I think I've maybe done only one of these posts before? Anyway, while singing songs from The Greatest Showman, I was thinking about how many Hugh Jackman movies I've watched and thought I'd revisit this post format. Basically just a list of his movies (that I've seen) ranked by how great he was in each … Continue reading a movie ranking: Hugh Jackman.

spell your name with fictional characters tag.

I wanted a quick and fun blog post idea, and I found this tag on Lili's Blissful Pages, so...perfect! source. E-V-A-J-O-Y R-U-T-H S-C-H-Ö-N-H-A-A-R E - Emma Woodhouse (Emma by Jane Austen). Practically perfect in every way...or so she thinks! V - Vikus (Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins). This guy's life is so sad, but he … Continue reading spell your name with fictional characters tag.