characters in ‘Gone With the Wind’ that aren’t in the movie

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I recently re-read Gone With the Wind and watched the movie.  Even though the movie does an excellent job of adapting the book, several characters were necessarily chopped out (sounds gruesome, doesn’t it?).  And I’m going to talk about them today.

~Grandma Fontaine – Apparently Tony Fontaine is in the movie, but I don’t remember him.  At any rate, Grandma Fontaine is a great character who absolutely owns the two major scenes she’s in (both of them involve her talking to Scarlett and giving her advice and so on).  I would have paid money to see even one of those scenes make it into the film.

~Will Benteen – Yay for Will!  My favorite ‘deleted character’ in GWTW.  He comes to Tara one day as a sick, wandering soldier and, after the family nurses him back to health, becomes a vital part of Tara.  But there’s more to Will than his ability to work hard – you’ll have to read the book to find out what I’m talking about. 😉

~Archie (no last name because he’s a murderer and doesn’t want to share it) – Archie’s another favorite character (actually, all the characters that were cut are favorites of mine…*sigh*).  Yes, he’s a murderer but he has a much higher moral code than Scarlett (who is also a murderer).  Margaret Mitchell never wrote a dull, one-note character and Archie proves that over and over again. (Jeff Bridges would be perfection in the role, btw.  Just sayin’.)

~Dilcey – Dilcey is Pork’s wife (and in case you didn’t know, Pork is Gerald’s valet) and Gerald buys her so that she and Pork can be together (Prissy is their daughter, fyi, and Gerald buys her as well).  It’s such a great character moment for Gerald!  And later in the story, Dilcey gets more characterization and she’s amazing.

~Mrs. Tarleton – What happens to her and her family is SO SAD. 😦  You don’t get to see much of Mrs. Tarleton, but she’s a good character nonetheless.

~Wade & Ella – A lot of people probably don’t know that Scarlett had two other children besides Bonnie (one from each previous marriage).  You hardly learn a thing about Ella (Scarlett often thinks of her as being a silly, scatter-brained child, though you never actually see evidence of that).  But I wish Wade had been in the movie because his interactions with Rhett are the sweetest, most adorable thing and would’ve advance Rhett’s character even more.  Rhett is the only one who comforts Wade when he (Wade) thinks that Scarlett’s dying (she’s really giving birth to Bonnie).  Rhett is the one who refuses to let Scarlett tarnish the memory of Wade’s father.  And Rhett knows just how to talk to Wade and get him to respond – like I said, it’s really sweet.

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There’s other characters, too, like the Elsings and the Calverts and Hilton who either don’t get much screen-time or don’t get any.  But I don’t much care about them.  I do hope this post inspires you to read Gone With the Wind if you haven’t already.  And don’t worry about the length!  The writing is so good and interesting that I bet you’ll fly right through it.

Have you read or watched GWTW?  Who’s your favorite character in either/both?



movie review: a quiet place

Related imageI don’t normally watch thrillers that border on horror but ‘A Quiet Place’ intrigued me and I’m glad I saw it.

Plot: the world has been invaded by aliens who are sensitive to sound.  Very sensitive.  The main characters (unnamed) are a small family who have to rely on each other more and more each day in this horrible new world.  In the film’s prologue, you see their youngest son killed when he (very stupidly) turns on a toy plane.  About a year later, the mom is pregnant, the dad is trying to protect everyone, the son suffers from PTSD, and the daughter is guilty (because she gave her brother the toy plane) and angry at herself and everyone around her.

(I’m not going to spoil the rest of the story because it’s best to watch without knowing Things.)

For me, stories rise and fall on the quality of their characters and ‘A Quiet Place’s characters were beautiful.  Emily Blunt and John Krasinski (who play Mom and Dad) are married in real life and you can definitely sense that.  There’s such a strong, clear bond between them.  They love each other and their kids deeply.  One of my favorite scenes in the film is when they share a pair of ear buds and dance together to the music from an iPod (which is an almost frightening explosion of sound at first).

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Their oldest child, a deaf teenage girl (played by a talented deaf actress) is annoying.  I mean, I get that she’s guilty and lashing out at those closest to her, but can’t you see your dad loves you?  The second child, a boy who’s probably eleven or twelve, was very sweet.  I liked him.  He reminded me a bit of the kid in ‘Jurassic Park’.  And the scene where he and his sister are in the truck, cowering from the alien?  Soooo ‘Jurassic Park’ inspired.

YMMV when it comes to how scared you are while watching ‘A Quiet Place’.  For me, I don’t believe I was ever scared so much as disturbed in a few spots.  In some scenes, it’s pretty obvious that the characters will be okay so that didn’t worry me.  There’s one part where a raccoon gets, um, splatted by one of the aliens and that’s pretty gross.  A few jump scares, none of which made me jump.  That bit with the old man was gruesome (no spoilers, just…*shudder*).  And there was one scene where I did look away – not because of anything scary, but because a character steps on a nail and it goes right into their foot and I didn’t want to see that happen. (Also, there was a bit of burlap caught on the nail and now it’s in their foot and they’ll probably get infected.  Groan.)

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However, one thing I definitely didn’t expect from ‘A Quiet Place’ was how tear-jerking A Certain Part would be.  I’m actually getting a lump in my throat just thinking about because it involves self-sacrifice and a character death (duh) and it’s just…yeah.  It’s tough.  You’ll hate it and love it at the same time.

And can I get a round of applause for that ending?  It was a stellar, amazing, awe-inspiring, perfect, incredible ending. (I could continue to heap on the adjectives.)  It’s given the ending to ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’ a serious run for its money for “Eva’s favorite movie ending of all time”.

Overall, ‘A Quiet Place’ was one of those movies that went above and beyond my expectations.  Recommended to just about anyone (no swearing or sexual content, for the win!) provided you’re thirteen or over.

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P.S. Just wanted to add that, while I thought much of the soundtrack was unnecessary (and unwanted), there was this one jarring, off-key piano theme that was used a couple times that I thought was GREAT.

P.P.S. Don’t ever make a sequel, Hollywood.  Just…don’t.

would you rather: classic movie edition

This post is part of Cordy’s “Month of Classics” blog party.

~Would you rather dance with Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly?~

Gene Kelly, hands down.  After all, he was my very first celebrity crush.

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~Would you rather star opposite Cary Grant or Gregory Peck?~

Is this even a question?  I mean, besides the fact that Gregory Peck is a million times more handsome than Cary Grant (IMO), I just like Gregory Peck better as an actor. (Wayyyy better.)

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~Would you rather be serenaded by Howard Keel or Bing Crosby?~

Neither, thank you.  But especially not Howard Keel.

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This character is a big part of why I don’t like Howard Keel.

~Would you rather share an airplane ride with Danny Kaye or Donald O’Connor?~

Donald O’Conner!  Danny Kaye gets on my nerves sometimes and from all I’ve read about Donald O’Conner he seems like a really great guy (not saying that Danny Kaye’s not, though).

some dumb gifs

~What classic movie outfit would you steal?~ (No you cannot say all of them! ;))

Ann’s “wandering around Rome” ensemble. ❤

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Complete with gelato and flower.

~Would you rather be cast in a classic noir film or a classic western?~

CLASSIC WESTERN CLASSIC WESTERN CLASSIC WESTERN.  Noirs are okay and there are a few of them I love but they’re a little too much like mysteries for my taste.  Westerns on the other hand… #myhappyplace

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Guess how many followers I have right now? (!!!!!)

~Would you rather go on a shopping spree with Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly?~

I hate shopping for clothes, but I’d probably go with Audrey Hepburn.  Grace Kelly and her style seem almost…unattainable.

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~Would you rather solve a mystery with William Powell or Myrna Loy?~

Haven’t seen enough of either of them to say.

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~Would you rather imitate Jimmy Stewart’s voice in front of Jimmy Stewart, or imitate Maureen O’Hara’s “temper” in front of Maureen O’Hara?~

*moans*  Neither.  Neither is good.  I’m literally cringing right now just thinking of doing either (but especially imitating Jimmy Stewart).  I can’t choose.

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the outsiders read-along: chapter 6

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Poor Johnny.  Poor Ponyboy.  Poor Dally.  Poor Darry.


Chapter 6 begins right where the previous chapter left off – with Dally telling Ponyboy and Johnny how Cherry is helping the greasers in their turf war against the Socs.  She feels like the whole thing is her fault (Dally agrees) so she’s doing her best to make up for it.  Interesting that she’s clear-headed enough to see the right of things when her boyfriend was the one who got killed.  I really do like Cherry.

I realized while reading this chapter that all the characters in this book, with the exception of the adults and Darry, are younger than me. (And in less than a month I’ll be as old as Darry.)  It’s really sobering to think how young – and yet how old – they all are. 😦

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JOHNNY IS SO BRAVE AND SWEET AND GOOD.  When he asks about his parents…GAH.  My heart breaks for him.  And then he runs into the burning church to save those kids (don’t worry, I’m not forgetting Ponyboy’s heroism!).  Ponyboy tells us that it was the only time he’d seen Johnny without “that defeated, suspicious look in his eyes” (p. 92) – for once, Johnny can do something good and useful and do it well.  Maybe he even thought that it would balance the scales, so to speak (because he killed Bob).  But whatever was going through Johnny’s head, he’s awesome and a cinnamon roll and I love him.


That scene where Ponyboy and Dally reconcile?  It made me cry the first time I read the book and it’s done the same ever since.  This re-read was no exception.  It’s powerful, moving stuff.  I would like to point out, though, that I believe Hinton made a mistake.  She writes “In that second what Soda and Dally and Two-Bit had been trying to tell me came through” (p. 98) but it was more Johnny who talked to Ponyboy about Darry than Dally did, right?  Though Dally does say, in chapter 5, “Kid, you ought to see Darry.  He’s takin’ this mighty hard…” (p. 81)  So I don’t know…

Quotes I like:

No, it wasn’t Cherry the Soc who was helping us, it was Cherry the dreamer who watched sunsets and couldn’t stand fights. (p. 86)

Darry was the unofficial leader, since he kept his head best… (p. 89) – #goals

Discussion Question!

-Did this chapter bring you to tears?


the get to know me tag {writer’s edition}

Kinsey at Over the Withers graciously opened up this tag for anyone and I’m totally down for it.


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Name: Eva-Joy “Eva” Ruth Schönhaar.

Nicknames: Well, pretty much everyone online calls me ‘Eva’.  And my dad had a nickname for me, but I don’t feel like sharing it here for various reasons.

Birthday: September 3rd!  Less than a month until I turn twenty!!!  I share my birthday with a lot of people (duh), but my three favorites are Alan Ladd, Mort Walker (creator of ‘Beetle Bailey’, one of my favorite comic strips), and Garrett Hedlund.  Also, WWII began on my birthday (several decades ago, obviously).  I don’t know if that’s cool or not.

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The handsomeness!

Hair color and length: My hair is brunette and a little shorter than chin-length.

Eye Color: Blue.

Braces/Piercings/tattoos: I did have braces once upon a time, but now I just have two tiny wire retainers behind my top and bottom teeth.  I’d like to get my ears pierced.  And I don’t have any tattoos.

Righty or lefty: Righty.

Ethnicity: Caucasian.  British, German, and American roots.


Novel Written: Well, I wrote several novellas (probably more like long short stories, tbh) but I believe the first novel-length work I finished was a dystopian novel (first in a trilogy, of course).

Novel Completed: That dystopian thing and as to when it was completed, I’m not entirely sure.  I believe it was some time in 2012 or 2013.

Award for Writing: I won a short story contest at the local library several years ago.  It wasn’t an award exactly, but it’s something anyway.

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Publication: I have nothing to say about this at the present time. (Though the aforementioned short story was published on the library website.)

Conference: No. 😦

Query/Pitch: *shrugs*  I won’t think about that now…I’ll think about that tomorrow.  After all, tomorrow is another day! *music swells*


Novel (that you wrote): The one I’m currently working on – The Resistance of Lili Verre – has my heart, obviously.  I’m also partial to my next NaNoWriMo project, a Christian dystopian based on the life of the Apostle Paul.  But I think my favorite novel I’ve written so far is The Bounty Hunter.  It’s a western.  Very first draft, but the characters are the literal best.

Genre: Westerns!  I’m also very partial to sci-fi and most historicals.

Author: Soooooo many.  Jane Austen, Harper Lee, Nadine Brandes, Suzanne Collins, Marissa Meyer, Baroness Orczy, Louis L’Amour, Rachel Kovaciny, Markus Zusak…and on and on and on.

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Writing Music: Movie soundtracks!  My Spotify playlist for The Resistance of Lili Verre includes music from ‘The Book Thief’, ‘Hugo’, ‘Ratatouille’, and ‘Cinderella’ (2015).  Or sometimes I’ll just go and pull up someone else’s random playlist and write to that.  Love.

Time to write: That’s something I’ve been working out in my head, as I want to take my writing a lot more seriously and devote more time to it.  Right now, I mainly write between eleven and twelve in the morning, scattered throughout the afternoon, and sometimes in the evening.  I need to get a firm schedule though.

Writing snack/drink: Coffee.  That’s pretty much it.  I don’t like eating as I write, because it tends to get my keyboard sticky or crumby.

Movie: ‘The Magnificent Seven’ (original).  And tons of others.

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Writing Memory: I remember having a lot of fun with a western story about a bank examiner that I wrote a few years ago.  Lots of coffee and early mornings and Jerry Goldsmith music.

Childhood Book: Again, there’s many.  Little Men would be up there, along with A Little Princess.


Reading: Gone With the Wind and The Wendy.

Writing: This blog post, my Rogue One WWII AU, and The Resistance of Lili Verre.

Listening to: My little brothers talking.

Watching: My Gmail inbox.

Learning: Nothing much at the moment.


Want to be published: Before I’m twenty-five.

Indie or traditional: Traditional is my goal right now.

Wildest goal: To have as loyal and devoted a fan-base as Nadine Brandes does.

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Like Kinsey, I’m going to leave this tag open for whoever wants to do it. 🙂


follow-up to my rant

Ugggh.  I just want this whole thing to be over.

But since posting my rant about being asked to take down a negative review of an indie book, I’ve since been messaged by the author’s friend.  She explained that she, personally, believes that reviews shouldn’t be taken down just because they aren’t good.  It’s the author that asked her to message me about taking down my review (why the author didn’t message me herself, I have no idea).  So I’m just writing this quick post to clarify things and apologize to the author’s friend.  I had no idea her views and the author’s views didn’t align when I posted my original rant.

And so, goodnight.


time for a rant

A couple weeks ago, I requested – and received – a book for review.  (I’m not going to give you the title of the book or the name of the author because my rant centers around the author and I’d rather not draw attention to her.)

So anyway, I read the book and wrote a review on Goodreads (it was also published on Amazon).  It was a two star review, mainly because the book was pure romance (something I didn’t know going into the story) and I don’t much like romance novels.  However, I said very clearly – and more than once – that fans of fluffy romance would really enjoy the book. (And when I say ‘fluffy romance’ I don’t mean it as a put-down.)

All was well and good, I thought.  Until this evening when I arrived home from church to find a long message from the author’s representative in my Goodreads inbox, asking me  (but it was ask-ordering, I felt) to take down my review.  To quote her:

“…if you don’t enjoy the book and you’ve received it in exchange for a review, it’s better to just not review it. The reason the author gives out copies is to help their book get more and higher ratings, and getting a low one really beats the purpose of having reviewers read it. There’s kind of a general rule in the indie author world that if you get a book to review and your rating is 2 stars or lower, just don’t review it…you got a copy ( the author giving it to you so her rating could go up ) but instead it went down which beats the whole purpose of it.”

I took down my review from Goodreads and Amazon but my two-star rating still stands.  So now when people check out this book on GR, they’ll see my two-star rating but not my review which clearly stated that fans of romance would dig the book (it just wasn’t my cup of tea).

It strikes me as really unethical and bordering on dishonest to delete reviews that aren’t three stars or more simply because it lowers the book’s overall rating on Goodreads.  Personally, I’m very suspicious of books that have only four or five star reviews (which is pretty much what the book in question has right now).  And what’s up with that ‘general rule’ thing?  I’ve never heard of it and I know indie authors and…yeah.  It’s messed up, IMO.

What happened to “I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my HONEST review”?

If you’re an indie author (or a writer in general), I’d love to get your thoughts on this!  Do you hold to that particular rule of reviews?  What do you have to say about this issue?


P.S. Nine times out of ten, I don’t think authors should respond to reviews of their work.  Thoughts?