héctor rivera: my favorite character in Pixar’s Coco

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This poster bugs me because Héctor wouldn’t be able to walk on the Marigold Bridge right here.

I was late to the party for this year’s Reel Infatuation Blogathon (unlike last year) but I thought I’d write the post I had in mind anyway.  I actually went back and forth a little, deciding who I’d write about (because while my list of fictional crushes is looooong there are only a few who I’m really obsessed with).  In the end, I decided to go with a fictional character I’ve known about for less than two weeks: Héctor from Pixar’s latest film, ‘Coco’.


Who’d have thought I’d crush on Héctor?  I mean, he’s dead. (Though who am I kidding?  Pretty much all my favorite fictional characters are dead.)  He’s literally a skeleton.  He can be more than a little weird.  But here we are. (*wink*)

So, Lightning McQueen is still my favorite Pixar character.  Definitely.  But Héctor is close behind.  For a lot of different reasons.  Like how he actually was muy guapo.  And his singing voice.  (Gael García Bernal said that he wasn’t a professional singer and the director or whatever had to really coach him through the songs, but you could’ve fooled me!  He does a perfect job.)  And how he leads Miguel in the choreography for ‘Un Poco Loco’.  And just…SO MANY THINGS.  I could list tons of moments from the film that make me like Héctor a little more each time I see them.  Okay, fine, I’ll just list a few more: when he apologizes to Miguel after the talent show but Miguel doesn’t hear him, everything in the sinkhole, ALL of his interactions with Imelda (especially when he accompanies her on ‘La Llorana’ and “I’m the love of your life?”), and when he sings for Cheech.

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The main thing that I find fascinating about Héctor is how my perception of him changed so much over the course of the movie.

Because when you first see Héctor, he’s trying gain entrance to the Land of the Living by employing a Frida Kahlo disguise.  It doesn’t work and when Héctor tries to dash across the Marigold Bridge that doesn’t work either.  At this point, I thought Héctor would be a one-shot character, someone who was there to make add humour to the scene (and illustrate what happened when your photo isn’t on the ofrenda) and I didn’t expect to see him again.

Then I thought that Héctor was a con artist (which he kind of is at the beginning?).  I mean, he lied about getting front row tickets to Ernesto’s Sunrise Spectacular (though, to be honest, getting front row tickets wouldn’t have helped Miguel – he needed to be backstage).  He didn’t lie to Miguel about anything else, though!  Everything about Ernesto not being a great musician and all that was dead right (lol).  Oh, and I totally called that Héctor would turn out to be a musician himself because it was just obvious, am I right?

Related image

Héctor is SUCH a good friend.  Singing Cheech’s favorite song and coaching Miguel before and during his ‘Un Poco Loco’ performance, etc.  He’s also a great father (I’m getting emotional just thinking about him and Coco and all that).  And another thing I like about Héctor is that he doesn’t care about fame and fortune anymore (#characterdevelopmentforthewin), he just wants to see his daughter again.  I mean, he tells Ernesto that he doesn’t care anymore if Ernesto is the one who the world remembers, just as long as Ernesto lets Miguel take Héctor’s photo back.  What a change from the young, foolish, pretty selfish guy who left his wife and little girl to do his own thing.


He and Imelda are one of my favorite Pixar couples – they have issues to work through, but they do work through them and Héctor loves Imelda no matter what, no matter if she ever loves him again or not.  In the end, when they’re dancing together to Miguel’s guitar playing…many tears are shed, let me tell you.

So, overall, Héctor is an amazing character and I love ‘Coco’ – it’s one of the best Pixar films ever made, in my opinion.  Definitely better than ‘Finding Dory’, so it gives me hope that Pixar’s glory days will make a comeback. 😉

Who’s your favorite character in ‘Coco’?  And what’s your favorite song?  And will you ever recover from the feels this movie gave you?



william holden as major kendall in ‘the horse soldiers’ (1959)

This blog post is part of the Third Golden Boy Blogathon: A William Holden Centenary Celebration.

2018-04-16 13_53_29-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

‘The Horse Soldiers’ (1959) is a John Wayne film, but from the very first time I watched it, my attention was focused on another actor: William Holden as the compassionate, brave, and wonderful Major Henry Kendall.  It’s the one Holden role where I love and appreciate him wholeheartedly, and while I wasn’t quick enough to put ‘The Horse Soldiers’ down for last year’s blogathon, I was this year (obviously).

So.  To set the stage.  ‘The Horse Soldiers’ is a movie about some sort of suicide mission that John Wayne’s character, Colonel Marlowe, has to undertake along with a bunch of his men.  I’m not sure of all the details, but suffice to say that it’s Dangerous and Serious.  While Marlowe and his brother officers discuss the ins and outs of said mission, a quiet, unassuming man walks into camp and asks to be directed to the officers’ meeting.

2018-04-16 13_51_07-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Just a few moments after joining the officers, Kendall already has a problem (a big problem) because Colonel Marlowe clearly has it in for him.  It’s nothing personal, really.  You see, Kendall is a surgeon.  And Marlowe hates surgeons, hates the entire medical profession, for reasons that aren’t explained until much later but you can kind of guess it’s something to do with his family because…what else?  Anyway, yeah, Kendall’s in a big situation because Marlowe outranks him and, y’know, he’s played by John Wayne who can be truly terrifying in a bad mood.  Kendall, however, doesn’t back down (he’s to accompany Marlowe & Company on their trek) and basically gives as good as he gets.  (In a later scene, when Marlowe states gruffly that any wounded will be left to the clemency of the enemy, Kendall inquiries “Including yourself?” with a little smile on his face.)

2018-04-16 13_51_37-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Ever since Doc2 became my favorite character on Combat!, amazing doctors, surgeons, and nurses have cropped up throughout fiction and I’ve liked/loved each and every one.  John Watson, Julia Hoffman, Tiberius Lucius Justinianus…the list goes on and on and Kendall is definitely high on it.  There’s something about how doctors put the needs of others before their own and are so courageous and awesome and skilled. (I understand not all doctors/nurses/other medical personnel are so perfect.  But still.)

Anyway, to return to the story, the troop (is it a troop or some other military body?) sets out to a rousing chorus of ‘When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again’ which makes me snicker.  Because, you know, that whole scene in ‘Stalag 17’.  It cracks me up. (Not the bit in ‘Stalag 17’, which is actually chill-worthy and NOT in a good way.  Just…the connection.  And I just over-explained that wayyy too much.)  ANYWAY.  They march along (or ride along, because they’re horse soldiers) and when they stop for rest, a soldier comes up to Kendall and informs him that there’s a woman giving birth in a nearby cabin and the family would like a doctor’s help.  Of course Kendall goes to help them and ends up delivering a healthy baby, just before Marlowe orders Kendall to never help civilians again during his tenure as an army surgeon and places him under officer’s arrest.

2018-04-16 13_52_17-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

“You’re an officer in the Union army, under oath,” Marlowe says.  “I took an older oath before that one,” Kendall answers. (Awesome dialogue is awesome.  And awesome characters are even better!)

Stuff happens and the troop ends up at the home of Miss Hannah Hunter, a Southern belle who loathes Yankees but does an admirable acting job, what with inviting Marlowe and his officers (including Kendall) to dine with her.  Everyone’s rather besotted with her, expect Marlowe and Kendall, but it’s Kendall who’s actually suspicious of Hannah – Marlowe is just grumpy overall.  Those suspicions turn out to be on point and the troop ends up having to take Hannah and her maid along with them.

2018-04-16 13_53_05-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

This post is getting long, so I’ll just list a few more things that make Kendall that much more awesome.

~He doesn’t fall in love with Hannah, so there isn’t a stupid love triangle.  And he does end up respecting her a lot as she changes and matures.  Which is awesome.  They work well together, as doctor and nurse.

~Kendall has a friend in the Confederate army who’s really cool and he still acknowledges/talks to his friend even though Marlowe looks askance at fraternizing with the enemy.

2018-04-16 13_53_21-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

~He works so hard to keep the troop healthy and together and it’s horrible when that one soldier has to have an amputation because he didn’t listen to what Kendall told him. (Even worse when the same soldier dies soon after.)

~Kendall puts up with a LOT from Marlowe before he finally snaps.  And it’s rather frightening in an epic way when he does break. (Marlowe was a total jerk in the scene when it happens, by the way.)

2018-04-16 13_54_15-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

~And, finally, the thing that made me truly love Kendall the very first time I watched ‘The Horse Soldiers’: he stays behind with the wounded men when Marlowe and what remains of the troop escape to freedom.  Kendall could have gotten away and left the wounded to the Confederate army, but he stayed behind to do all he could for the men in his care.  “Medicine’s where you find it,” he says to Marlowe.  “Even in Andersonville.”

2018-04-16 13_55_03-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

William Holden portrayed Major Kendall with a warmth, seriousness, and steadiness that I don’t another actor could have pulled off in such a perfect way (Glenn Ford may have managed it, but maybe not).  It’s the one of the only truly likable roles I’ve seen Holden play and one that I’m sure will remain my favorite of all his films.


the Good Cop, Bad Cop Blogathon – wrap-up!


First of all, a hearty thanks to everyone who participated in this blogathon.  Though I haven’t yet read/commented on all of your posts, I can tell that people had a lot of fun with this and I’ve already discovered a couple movies I’d like to watch (I hope you have, too).  I’m already rolling around ideas for another blogathon next year, but for Old West law enforcement (as I believe a couple people expressed interest in that).

And secondly, here’s the list of blog posts written for the blogathon!  If you haven’t written your post or submitted the link to it yet, do so when you can and I’ll add you to the list.

Enjoy the entries!


in appreciation of jim gordon

This blog post is part of my Good Cop, Bad Cop Blogathon.


The first couple of times I watched ‘Batman Begins’, my attention was mostly focused on Batman/Bruce Wayne (as is only natural).  I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, enough to keep watching it, and as I did, one character began to stand out more and more: Sergeant (and later Lieutenant) Jim Gordon.

We first see Gordon in one of Bruce’s many flashback memories, where he’s comforting young Bruce after the murder of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne.  It’s a touching moment and one that defines Jim Gordon as a compassionate person.


Several years pass between Bruce’s first interaction with Gordon and the next and if you’ve watched the movie, you know what all happens in that time. (If not, go find a copy of the film and watch it!)  Anyway, I find it interesting that when Bruce gets back to Gotham, he makes it a point to find and talk to Gordon right away, trusting that he hasn’t been corrupted and will be willing to fight for justice in the city.

The fact that Jim Gordon hasn’t fallen prey to the corruption that infests Gotham’s police force…it really speaks to me, that honesty and honour.  It can’t have been easy, especially because he has a wife and (at least) one child – when Batman comes to talk to him, you can see that the Gordons live in a slummy part of town.  Joining the ‘protection’ racket and turning a blind eye to the Falcones of Gotham would have meant better pay, a better house (and, ultimately, more safety) for the Gordon family, but Jim Gordon is a man of principle who won’t be bought.


I’ve always found the scene where Batman first talks with Gordon (in his office, with the stapler) interesting because when he hears the click and the ‘Don’t turn around’ and all that, you can totally see the shock and then the acceptance on his face.  I’m pretty sure Gordon has expected this day to always come, the day when someone would come and harm him (or even kill him) because he doesn’t play by the twisted rules of Gotham’s underbelly.  It’s a fascinating little moment Gary Oldman absolutely sells it.

The tentative partnership/almost-friendship that springs up between Jim Gordon and Batman in ‘Batman Begins’ is beautiful.  From “I think you’re trying to help” to Gordon going into Arkham Asylum because he knows that ‘the Bat-Man’ won’t hurt him to Batman relying on Gordon to destroy the monorail tracks…I love it.  There’s definitely not full trust there (yet), at least not on Gordon’s side, but they’re a team and together they defeat Ra’s and Crane.


(I haven’t seen ‘The Dark Knight’ yet, so I can’t comment on Jim Gordon’s awesomeness in that, but he’s great in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ – he really carries Gotham on his shoulders while Bruce is out of the picture and his righteous indignation in response to Crane’s kangaroo court is one of his best moments.)

Jim Gordon stands up for what he believes in (much like another guy I like) and doesn’t back down and is basically BFFs with BatBale, so yeah.  He’s pretty amazing. (As is Gary Oldman.)  One of my favorite fictional cops ever.

What about you?  What do you think of the Dark Knight trilogy’s Jim Gordon?


the Good Cop, Bad Cop Blogathon!


Funny thing: I’m not even really here right now.  I’m in Montana, staying at a missionary family’s house.  Nevertheless, WordPress is awesome with letting me schedule posts, so this blogathon has still legit begun.  Leave the links to your blogathon entries in the comments and I’ll post a master list of participants on Saturday (when I get back).  I may or may not have internet access while in Montana – if I do, I’ll try to read/respond to as many entries as possible; if not, I’ll do all that when I get back.

Can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!


rat patrol episode review: ‘the do re mi raid’

2018-03-21 14_12_32-The Rat Patrol S2 - E8 - YouTube.png

Rat Patrol might be cheesy and unrealistic, but I still love it. (Plus, it’s what got me into Combat! so…yes.)  I really went back and forth (as usual) about what TV show I’d chose to feature in this year’s Annual Favorite TV Show Episode Blogathon and even after I decided on Rat Patrol, it was difficult to pick an episode.  ‘Chain of Death’ is my favorite episode, but ‘Do Re Mi’ is really good and juicy and lends itself well to commentary.  Plus, it’s one of my favorites. 

Anyway, that’s my awkward introduction to this ep review…


The episode begins with Troy and Moffitt gazing through their binoculars over the desert terrain before them.  They exchange some terse, vaguely mysterious dialogue about convoys before rejoining Hitch and Tully, who look worried.  Their worry, we soon learn, is about something they have to do, some mission, something that doesn’t sit well with any of them. (Again, all very vague.)

2018-03-21 11_00_52-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

“Do you have a better idea?” Troy barks in typical Troy fashion.  Apparently, they don’t.  So they jump into the jeeps and head off.

As they drive away, the camera focuses on a gently sloping hill several hundred yards away and you see Dietrich sitting on a tank thingy along with several of his men.  Danger music!  Frankly, though, I’m always happy to see Dietrich.  There are quite a few episodes of Rat Patrol that don’t include him, which is never a good idea.  Dietrich is probably the best character on the show, in terms of depth and general, y’know, character. (Moffitt being a close second.)  Although occasionally he does play nasty!Dietrich, as we’ll see in a bit.

2018-03-21 11_01_21-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Anyway.  Some mild fisticuffs (not literally, but with armoured vehicles + jeeps) ensues and Troy gets thrown from his jeep to land pretty much in the hands of the enemy.  (I’ll just let you know right now that his capture was intentional, which makes me wonder if Hitch gave him a hard push to send him flying onto the sand.)  However Troy’s capture was orchestrated, it did happen, and Dietrich looks pretty okay with the turn of events.

Will Troy escape from these nasty Germans?!

*cut to opening credits*

(Note: ‘Do Re Mi’ is part of Season 2 and Season 2’s opening credits are loads cooler than those of Season 1.  You get ‘moving portraits’ of the main cast instead of static photos.  Pretty neat.  And those clips seem to capture everyone’s personalities quite well, except for Hitch who looks wayyyy too serious.)

Now back to the episode proper.  Troy is driven into the rather small POW camp by Dietrich.  Two prisoners (they seem to be the only prisoners here) are puttering around in the compound – they are Mickey Roberts and Perkins.  It looks like Roberts is hoeing, but that seems rather stupid as there’s no visible garden.  Just sand/dirt.  ANYWAY. (I’m saying that a lot, aren’t I?)  They both look sort of apprehensive about Troy, either because he seems to have a perpetual grimace on his face or they’re afraid of what the Germans will do to him or maybe wondering if he’s an informer the Germans are going to plant in the camp.  I’ll leave it up to you.

2018-03-21 11_01_57-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

I love how Dietrich reacts when Troy starts reciting namerankandserialnumber.  He’s just kind of weary and a bit frustrated but also slightly amused when he says “Let’s dispense with formalities, sergeant.  We’re not exactly strangers to each other.”  Makes me grin because they’re such good enemies they’re basically friends (see: ‘Chain of Death Raid’ and ‘Moment of Truce Raid’).  Nothing much comes of Troy and Dietrich’s conversation (‘stubborn’ is both of their middle names) except me swooning over Eric Braeden’s lovely, lovely German accent.  It’s really good when he’s speaking English, but one hundred percent better when he lapses into German.

So, Troy leaves without revealing any information about the Rats’ plans.  Duh.  May I point out how SMART Dietrich is?  Like, I know he hasn’t figured out their real mission, but the fact that he put two and two together and guessed that they had an important mission that warranted them taking the risk of an ambush…very intelligent.

2018-03-21 11_02_31-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Then there’s a super quick scene that cuts back to Moffitt and Hitch and Tully (who has an enormous, beautiful grin on his face at the start of the scene, for some reason) just to show that they haven’t forgotten Troy.  They say a few lines about some enemy convoy that doesn’t have much to do with the episode but it’s apparently important because they keep talking about it.

2018-03-21 11_02_45-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Back in his barracks, Troy tears off a strip of cloth from a blanket, for reasons unknown.  Seriously.  I’ve got no idea why he did this because he never uses it in the episode.  But it must be important because he stuffs it under the mattress when he hears footsteps coming.  Thankfully, those footsteps don’t belong to any of the Germans, but instead of his roommates – Roberts and Perkins.  Through some “as you know, Bob” dialogue, we learn that Troy’s super secret, super important mission is to break Roberts out of the camp and get him to safety.  Why is Roberts so important, you might ask?  Well, he’s a singer.  A pretty popular one, from the sounds of things (“There’s a million people burning candles for you back home, Roberts!”) and I guess the top brass is sick of having to answer thousands of inquires about the guy?

Perkins’ expressions during this scene are interesting and a bit sad, too.  Shock first, at Troy’s revelation.  Then some mixture of hope and fear and excitement…the actor may look a bit weird, but he’s good at what he does.

2018-03-21 11_03_15-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Roberts bargains for Perkins to tag along on the escape and Troy agrees. (Of course.)  So that’s settled.  There some interesting ‘Saving Private Ryan’ vibes here, because it seems kind of unfair that at least four men would risk their lives just rescue a singer. (I doubt this scenario is accurate, by the way.  If you have information one way or another, I’d love to know!)  Incidentally, Roberts is played by real-life singer Jack Jones and he’s a great singer and a great actor.  A lot of people can only be one or the other, so it’s nice to see someone who’s both.

Before Troy, Perkins, and Roberts can finesse their escape plan, a guard enters and orders Roberts to come with him.

2018-03-21 11_03_41-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Roberts enters the commandant’s office and stops short, arrested by the sound of himself singing (on a record).  The song is ‘That Tiny World’ and it sounds suspiciously sixties-ized for being in a WWII show.  The lyrics are kind of shallow/weird as well, which is a shame because they could’ve written something truly heartbreaking (in light of what happens later in this episode).  But whatever.  It still works.  Oh, and the point of this scene is that Dietrich asks/commands Roberts to entertain him and a few of his guests later that evening.  Dietrich also makes some comment about how Roberts knows just how profitable working with the Germans has been in the past. *sigh*

2018-03-21 11_03_42-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Back to Moffitt & Co.!  It’s hilarious how Tully says “I hope we can [take down the convoy].  All we have is one jeep and a few grenades.”  When has that ever stopped you guys?  I also grin when Moffitt purposefully and obviously stops talking so that he can be ‘interrupted’ by Dietrich’s surprise attack.  Classic.  Long story short, they all make it out safely, but Hitch’s glasses and kepi fall prisoner to Dietrich, a circumstance he will exploit to lower Troy’s morale. (If you watch carefully, you’ll see that Hitch actually makes it away safely with his kepi, but it doesn’t matter too much.)

2018-03-21 11_05_52-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Back at the POW camp, Roberts tells Troy that one man should stay behind to cover for the other two, and Troy assumes that he means Perkins should stay behind. (Perkins thinks this as well and it’s AWFUL, the look on his face.)  However, Roberts wants to stay behind – he doesn’t want to go back out and fight and maybe end up “picking shrapnel out of [his] gut”.  Troy gets angry and understandably so.  After all, he and his men have risked a lot to get Roberts to safety.

Then a bunch of stuff happens in rapid succession: some professional torturers (Dietrich’s guests) show up in the camp, Roberts and Perkins reveal that Perkins has secret information that the Germans want really badly (“How did they know Perkins knew?” Troy asks and it’s obvious Roberts had a hand in them knowing), Dietrich comes in – first to give Troy Hitch’s glasses (letting Troy draw the obvious conclusion) and then to bring Perkins to the commandant’s office.

2018-03-21 11_06_24-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Commercial break.

Perkins gets dragged back into the barracks, looking horribly beaten, and Troy and Roberts help him to a bunk.  Then Troy turns on Roberts, snarling out “You said they could break anyone!  Well, when did they break you, Roberts?!”  Roberts admits that he told the Germans that Perkins had important information and Troy is devastated.

2018-03-21 11_07_53-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Cue another break to the other Rats.  They’re watching the convoy trundle along and Hitch grinningly says of the binoculars “If these weren’t so heavy, I could use them for glasses”.  Awwww. (I know what it’s like to be without glasses when you really need them and it’s such a blah feeling.)

2018-03-21 11_08_12-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Meanwhile, Troy, Perkins, and Roberts are preparing to leave (as Moffitt and the others will be providing a diversion for their escape in probably just an hour or so).  Well, it’s more like Troy’s doing all the work and Perkins and Roberts are watching.  Troy hands Roberts a canteen and Roberts gives it up to Perkins and JACK JONES’ ACTING IS GUTWRENCHING RIGHT HERE.  He looks so defeated and ashamed and sad.

2018-03-21 11_08_28-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

According to plan, Troy drops a canteen from the barred window and when their guard comes over to investigate, Troy and Roberts and Perkins team-strangle the guy.  It’s actually quite violent.  Once the guard’s out of commission, Troy helps Perkins up onto the roof (which I’m confused about, since they just end up dropping down and escaping out the main gate anyway).  Roberts briefly turns the downed guard’s rifle on Troy (not entirely sure why) but then another guard appears to escort Roberts to entertain the German officers.  He and Troy take care of the guard and then Roberts takes the long, solitary walk to the commandant’s office to perform for the enemy.

2018-03-21 11_09_34-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Roberts gets to sing the entirety of ‘That Tiny World’.  The emotion on his face and in his voice is #actinggoals.  Even Dietrich looks sad/pensive.  It’s a nice, quiet moment that’s shattered by big explosions and machine gun fire and the general spreading of alarm and despondancy by Moffitt, Hitch, and Tully.

The Germans rush out (as does Roberts) and Perkins slips on the roof, making some noise and sending the spotlight’s beam directly on him and Troy.  Dietrich is about to fire on them (really, Dietrich?) when Roberts jumps on him.  The commandant then shoots Roberts in the back and when Roberts tries to shoot him, he shoots Roberts again, killing him. (That sentence was quite a mouthful, wasn’t it?)  Troy and Perkins slip away with the other Rats and, after checking to see if Roberts is alive, Dietrich walks away as well.  Leaving Roberts lying dead on the ground, sirens wailing and fires blazing in the background.  It’s a poignant end to the episode, or would be if the tag scene wasn’t the actual end.

2018-03-21 11_10_36-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

I assume they’re making Roberts out to be some sort of Christ-like figure.  Doesn’t really work, but whatever.

Because the tag scene, while it has a quiet bit where Perkins and Troy give Roberts a literal moment of silent remembrance, ends with cheery music and joking between Troy and Hitch.  Quite jarring when you consider the gravity of what all just happened.  But oh well.  Rat Patrol can’t be serious for too long. (Also, if Hitch has lost his glasses, why is he the one driving?)

Other random observations:

  • Dietrich is mean for much of this episode.  I’m wondering if it’s because of the nasty commandant’s influence.  The way he treated Perkins and lied to Troy and all that…ouch.
  • ‘That Tiny World’ makes another appearance in ‘Fatal Reunion’, though only the instrumental version.  It’s a nice touch to an already sad scene.
  • One of my only complaints about this episode is that it focuses mostly on Troy (by far my least favorite Rat) and there isn’t enough Moffitt and Tully.  Not nearly enough.  But this episode is so good in other regards that I can excuse that.


2018-03-21 11_10_43-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png


Have you seen this episode of Rat Patrol? (Or any episodes of the show?)


lovely blog party: couples for couples tag

Lovely Button 2.jpg

On the one hand, I’m really totally not in the Valentine’s Day mood this year.

But on the other, this tag has been floating around the blogging world for a while now and today’s pretty much the perfect day to answer it.  So here goes…


Ivanhoe and Rebecca: Name a couple that should have been together

Cath and Jest (Heartless).  I’m still reeling from the emotional pain of this relationship.  Jest was perfect and Cath would have been perfect had Things Gone According To Plan and then he was MARTYRED and Cath became a stupid monarch and it was all kinds of awful.


Jo and Laurie: Name a couple that should have stayed friends…or did stay friends…

Any girl in Robin’s life besides Marian (BBC Robin Hood, you know).  Kate and Isabella were huge mistakes.  In fact, I can’t decide who was a bigger mistake for Robin – and that’s saying something not great about Kate because, I mean, Isabella ending up killing Robin and all.



Jane and Mr. Rochester: Name a couple that looked like the chances of a happily ever after were next to none!

Katniss and Peeta  (The Hunger Games). *bawls*  They both could’ve died a hundred times over and Peeta gets brainwashed in the worst possible way and for most of the series it’s like there’s not even a thought of a happy ending for them.  And it’s incredibly heartbreaking.


Jane and Mr. Bingley: Name a couple that is just sooo happy!

Barney and Valancy Snaith (The Blue Castle).  Now I want to live in a tiny cabin and be outrageously happy every day… ❤

Kit and Ella: Name your favorite fairytale couple

That would be Flynn/Eugene and Rapunzel (‘Tangled’).  Unless we’re talking fairytale retellings, in which case I sooooo ship all the couples from the Lunar Chronicles. (Except Kai and Levana.  Because that’s just gross.)  But, yes, Eugene and Rapunzel are golden.


Molly Gibson and Roger Hamley: Name a couple where the woman is basically ignored by the suitor until the end of the story

Captain Wentworth and Anne Elliot (Persuasion).  Captain Wentworth is kind of jerky and I don’t much care for him, but he and Anne are a good couple.  Except for the whole ignoring thing.


Sarah and Jacob Witting: Name a couple that found love later in life

Konrad and Lisette (Songs in the Night series).  They weren’t too old when they finally got married (late forties, at most) but it took so long for them to find each other after the events of the second book in the series.  One of my favorite ships ever.


Don Lockwood and Kathy Seldon: Name a couple from a musical

Don and Kathy (‘Singin’ in the Rain’).  Because I couldn’t think of any other musical couple that I shipped as much as them.  From their highly unorthodox first meeting to ‘You Are My Lucky Star’, I’m entranced by their love story.


Anne and Gilbert: Name a couple that didn’t start out on the right foot

Belle and the Beast/Adam (‘Beauty and the Beast’).  Definitely didn’t start out on the right foot. 😀


Faramir and Eowyn: Name a couple with the sweetest love story

Lucy and Jack (‘While You Were Sleeping’).  THEY ARE THE MOST ADORABLE COUPLE EVER.  It’s so cool how they gradually fall in love without even realizing it and, sure, it’s a little clichéd, but also incredibly sweet.  Plus, the movie itself is one of the coziest, loveliest films I’ve ever seen.



How many of these couples do you ship, too?