defending Boromir.

This post is a contribution to the 9th Annual Tolkien Blog Party. Additionally, I have Rachel to thank for inspiring some of the points in this post (based on her excellent LOTR read-along notes). source. "Only the waning might of Gondor stands now between him and a march in power along the coasts into the … Continue reading defending Boromir.

why Frodo Baggins deserves better.

This blog post is a contribution to the 9th Annual Tolkien Blog Party. source. 'I will take the Ring,' he said, 'though I do not know the way.' There. Boom. Done. Mic drop and all that. Oh, you want more than that? You're not convinced that Frodo is worthy of our admiration, liking, and respect? … Continue reading why Frodo Baggins deserves better.

my favorite fictional romantic moments.

source. Since I haven't posted anything gushy and fandom-related in a while, I thought I'd write this post to fangirl over some of my favorite fictional couples. Although I dislike most romance novels (as in, stories that are totally centered around a romantic relationship), there are many, many fictional couples that I wholeheartedly ship. And … Continue reading my favorite fictional romantic moments.

book review: the two towers.

source. With the fellowship broken (#sadness), the story now expands in three different directions: Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli's pursuit of Merry and Pippin (that eventually leads to them going another route and helping Rohan), Merry and Pippin hanging out with Treebeard, and Frodo and Sam making their way toward/through Mordor--with a strange new companion. While … Continue reading book review: the two towers.