friday finds {#23}

Man, I still remember when I was 11 and we were in line for 2 hours waiting to get in this goddamn Dumbo attraction. All for what, 2 minutes in the damn thing? I was so mad.

My take on the Elsie Dinsmore series. – This series was a big part of my childhood but it’s also wildly stupid and problematic.  I especially enjoyed hearing Olivia’s thoughts on why Horace Dinsmore is “the literal worst”. (Because he totally is.)

Movie Trailer That Spoils Everything – I CAN’T EVEN.  Too much hilarity for this world to handle.

She’s Always a Woman to Me – There are all kinds of women in the world.  Let’s appreciate and write a whole bunch of different, awesome female characters! (<— My takeaway from this excellent post.)

A Post In Which I Roast Myself – Mostly For Punishment Because I Was A Bad Author – Oh my word.  This post made me laugh so much because it’s relatable to the extreme.  I remember writing such awful stories and actually thinking they were good. *face-palm* (Also, please check out this post by the same blogger.  You won’t regret it.)

my comment section worries me – People???  Idek???  Wut???

Soooo…what cool articles have you read recently?  What Youtube videos have caught you interest?  Let me know in the comments!