little things {#14}


~vanilla ice cream

~pink & grey


~vintage-y stuff

~Shawn & Gus

~Disney songs

~discovering a great new book

~trips to the library

~my parents

~coloring books

~organizing my room + bookshelves + clothes


~new friends & old friends




little things {#13}

Dream, books, little reasons to smile, tumblr:


~Mr Knightley

~fresh air & sunshine

~chocolate chip peanut butter cookies


~curling up with a good book


~my siblings

~fresh pencils

~fresh notebooks

~my new blog header (thoughts?)

~waking up early & getting things done

~this blog

~friends’ blogs

~the fandom life – it’s the best thing

~working on plot stuff for my book



little things {#12}


It’s been far too long since I did one of these little posts, especially since I find myself obsessing more and more over the big things in my life, things that sometimes tend to overshadow all of the simple, little delights that one can always find peeking around the corner.  And it was all contributing to my lack of motivation and joy and happiness in general.  All I really need is Jesus + family + food + books.  Everything else is negotiable…but I do still love the negotiable things.  So here’s a list of a few that will always brighten up my day.


~Irish accents

~my grandparents

~brainstorming new blog header ideas (suggestions?)

~warm hugs

~the stability of a routine, but also…

~trying new things

~iced tea and ice water and lemonade

~family photos

~this girl’s pins

~encouragement from friends


~Harrison Ford’s grin

~nostalgic thoughts

~unexpected letters in the mail

~blazingly bright sunsets (and sunrises)

~rainbow sprinkles


~baking all sorts of things


~the wonderfulness of this large and bright and lovely world



little things {#11}

don't forget to smile:


~it’s Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve!

~handmade quilts

~all the pleasant secrets in the air this time of year


~the Internet – can’t live with it, can’t live without it

~organizing my books

~dear friends


~shipping Bill and Rachel (I just watched Eloise At Christmastime, so it’s practically a requirement)

~my little brothers

~the stack of gifts in the family room that keeps getting bigger and bigger

~twinkly, sparkly, glittery Christmas lights

~laughing so hard my sides ache



little things {#10}


~fuzzy socks

~writing with pen/pencil/paper/notebook instead of a computer

~animated movies

~feeding apples to the horses next door


~my bookshelves

~planning out blog posts

~kindred spirits

~crunching fall leaves beneath my feet

~fangirling with friends

~peanut butter


~cool, crisp, biting autumn air

~the promise of a white Christmas

~”Who’s your friend who likes to play?  Bing Bong!  Bing Bong!”

~shipping adorable ships

~all of YOU, lovely followers


little things {#9} + giveaway winner!


~sandwiches loaded with meat and mustard and cucumber and lettuce and cheese

~my dad’s corny jokes

~laughing with my siblings

~movie soundtracks

~good friends

~every color in the world

~Edward Cullen


~eating out

~planning for NaNoWriMo

~looooooong emails

~the first + last chapters of Gone With The Wind

~luscious chocolate cake



And the winner of the Casablanca giveaway is…


Congratulations!  I’ll be emailing her ASAP to get her mailing address.  Many thanks to everyone else who entered. 🙂


P.S. If anyone’s puzzled by the eighth entry on my list, rest assured that I haven’t become a Twihard.  There will be a post coming along shortly that will, I hope, clear everything up.  But, for now, I enjoy mystifying all of you. 😉

little things {#8}

Little reasons to smile.

~special reading nooks

~instant coffee

~the billboard downtown that says ‘see the world – join the navy!’, because it’s just like The Old Days

~when I get into my writing zone

~early mornings

~special notebooks

~allll the amazing books in this world


~epic, sweeping music (like “Tara’s Theme”)

~”Here’s what happened…”

~Will Benteen

~genuinely funny jokes

~Anthony Perkins + Audrey Hepburn

~my Captain America poster