the sunshine blogger award!

(Annlyel Online nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award.  Thanks, Annlyel!)



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  • Answer the questions provided by the nominator.
  • Create eleven questions of your own for tagees.
  • Tag eleven people and notify them. (Skipping this one.  If you like my questions and want to participate, feel free to do so!  I simply don’t have the time right now.)

Annlyel’s Questions:

If you can, which movie is your favorite of all time?

Image result for batman begins

Ah!  That’s so hard!  I love so many different genres!  My top three current favorites would probably be ‘Mary Poppins Returns’, ‘Batman Begins’, and ‘The Magnificent Seven’ (1960 version, not 2016).  But, honestly, I watch so many movies and I love so many of them…it’s extremely hard to narrow them down.

Have you been to Disney World? If so, what’s your favorite park?

Image result for disney world

No, I haven’t.  But it’s a dream of mine because I’m probably one of the most enthusiastic Disney fans out there.

Who’s your favorite Star Wars character?

Related image
another fav.

I haven’t seen many Star Wars movies but my favorite characters, out of the ones I have seen, would either be Jyn Erso or Bodhi Rook.  Jyn reminds me of myself and I like that she’s not your typical heroine.  She has strengths and weaknesses in equal measure and her character arc throughout ‘Rogue One’ is amazing.  And I have a soft spot for Bodhi because a) I feel like he gets very little recognition and b) he was trying SO HARD to do the right thing and it gives me so many feels.

Who’s your favorite Marvel superhero?

“Who’s strong and brave, here to save the American way?”

In other words, CAPTAIN AMERICA.  Forever and always.  He was my first favorite superhero and that’s a place he’ll always hold in my heart.  I know that everyone is freaking out about him in Infinity War and Endgame (no spoilers here, don’t worry!) but sometimes you have to go back to “Is this a test?” and “The right partner” (said with such conviction) and “I’d hate to step on your-“.

I love him so much. ❤

Who’s your favorite DC Comics superhero?

Image result for arrow season 1


Nailed it.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure, pertaining to food?

Image result for food guilty pleasure meme

Iced capps from Tim Hortons.  They are really fattening but soooooo good. 😛

What city is on your bucket list to visit?

Image result for dublin ireland

Dublin, Ireland.  But I think I’d only like to go if I was Irish and didn’t stick out like the gawking tourist I’d totally be.  If that makes sense.

What’s your favorite pastime activity?

Image result for memes about reading

Reading.  I was recently in a bit of a reading slump and I might have said “watching Hallmark movies” but then I read Finale by Stephanie Garber and it was perfect and I love reading again.

Wakanda, Coruscant, or Hogwarts; which of these fictional worlds would you love to visit?

Image result for star wars coruscant

When I watched Clone Wars (the animated series) I always loved the bits that took place on Coruscant because it looked so cool.  Plus, I’m all about sci-fi stuff, so Coruscant it is. (Though Wakanda is INSANELY awesome.  And sci-fi too.  So idek?)

What’s your favorite novel of all time?

Image result for the outsiders se hinton musical
i’m in love with this poster for the musical.

The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton.  I’m due for a re-read.

What’s your favorite sporting event?

Related image

Nothing. 😛  I don’t keep up with sports and sporting events.

My questions:

  • Pens or pencils?
  • Fictional death that makes you cry the hardest?
  • Favorite Pixar character?
  • Psych or Monk?
  • What’s your middle name?
  • Last Youtube video you watched? (Only if you want to share, lol.)
  • Weirdest movie you’ve ever seen?
  • Weirdest book you’ve ever read?
  • Horror or comedy?
  • Do you enjoy baking or cooking food?
  • Who’s your favorite classical composer?

Can’t wait to see y’all’s answers! (I honestly feel like answering these questions myself…)



the #classicmovietag

Tags!  Tags everywhere!  They’re just so fun + easy to answer.  Anyway, the #classicmovietag comes from Raquel over at Out of the Past and it looks incredibly fun.  I haven’t spoken about classic films in a while and it’s, um, supposed to be one of the focuses of this blog. 😛  So please accept my apologies for the lapse…and enjoy the tag! (Feel free to borrow it, so long as you link back to Raquel’s original post.)

Note: There are loads of classic films out there so to keep things simple I’m limiting myself to ones made before 1970.


What’s one classic movie that you recommend to people over and over and over again?

‘The Magnificent Seven’ (1960).  I realize that westerns aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but, honestly, Mag7 transcends the genre (while also showcasing just how good a well-made western can be).  There’s a slim chance you might not enjoy it, but I’m willing to take that chance so I’m recommending it to you right now.  Alllll of you.  I’ve got the main theme as my ringtone and it never fails to bring a smile to my face; so many good memories and feelings are wrapped up in that movie.

Related image

What was the last classic film you saw and what were your thoughts about it?

‘Mary Poppins’ (1964).  I love it, forever and ever.

Image result for mary poppins 1964

Name a classic movie genre you love and one you dislike.

Love: Biblical epics.  Yes, they’re usually super cheesy (even ‘Ben-Hur’ can devolve into cheesiness at times).  But it’s also super cool to see different Bible stories playing out in Technicolor with very little in the way of special effects and very much in the way of real, human acting and Spectacle.

Image result for the ten commandments 1956

Hate: Screwball comedy.  Stuff like ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’, pretty much any Cary Grant rom-com, ‘You Can’t Take it With You’…it’s all unappealing (to me).  I prefer movies where common sense reigns instead of chaos, even if it’s supposed to be funny. (And I know tons of people do like screwball comedies, so if you do, then that’s awesome.)

Related image

Name a classic movie star with whom you share a birthday or a hometown.

I share a birthday with Alan Ladd.  Hamlette is very jealous. 😉

Image result for alan ladd as a child

Give a shout out to a friend or family member who shares your love of classic movies.

Yeah, that would be Hamlette.  She was the one who really got me into classic film because she recommended ‘Combat!’ and then I watched a FEW movies with Dana Andrews and she gave me a million recommendations (and continues to do so, for various actors, to this day).  We have so much fun talking about and loving different movies and actors and genres.

Image result for watching movies with friends quotes
not relevant, really, but I found it funny.

Name a classic movie star who makes your heart skip a beat or whom you admire greatly.

Glenn Ford.  I first came across him in ‘3:10 to Yuma’ and after a hasty switch from disliking the film to loving it, he became one of my absolute favorite actors.  I haven’t seen him in toooo many movies, but if you recommend a movie to me and you’re like, “Oh, by the way, Glenn Ford is in this” I will buy it/borrow it immediately.  He’s just…amazing.

Image result for glenn ford

Describe one memorable experience watching a classic movie.

When I watched ‘The Ox-Bow Incident’ for the first time I had no clue how the story was going to go and I was stunned into silence when it ended.  Even though I hate, hate, hate the film as a whole, I do appreciate it sparking my interest in a couple rather handsome actors. (Dana Andrews and Henry Fonda.)

Image result for dana andrews
i am not including a photo from that awful movie.

Describe the craziest thing you’ve done because of your passion for classic movies.

My sister and I stayed up until three or four in the morning to finish watching a Robert Francis marathon that TCM did.  We were wrecked after that.

Image result for staying up late meme

What’s something classic movie related that you love to collect?

Nothing, really?  I have an extremely limited budget for collecting anything (except books, lol).

Rita Hayworth reading a book

What’s your favorite way to share your passion for classic movies?

Blogging about them. 🙂  Though, like I said earlier, I haven’t done that recently.  I will definitely have to change that!

Related image
leaving this here because cats are awesome and so is Ingrid Bergman.

Are you a fan of older classic films?


the fantastical and felicitous fictional character blog tag

Emily, over at The Altogether Unexpected, created this rather awesome tag and was kind enough to tag me.  I LOVE fictional characters and talking about fictional characters and all that, so I’m super excited to fill out the questions.  But first, the rules!

  • Answer every question honestly. (duh.)
  • Use as many gifs and images as possible.
  • Incorporate at least one YouTube video with a favorite scene of a character.
  • NO VAGUE ANSWERS ALLOWED. Explain why you chose that favorite character to fit that description. I love details, my friends.
  • If you can’t choose just one, that’s okay – give us a few answers and geek out if that’s what it takes.
  • Tag at least 3 people.
  • Use fictional characters from any fictional story.
  • If you get nominated and/or decide to participate in this tag, please put a link back to this post in your post and credit yours truly as the creator.
  • Have fun and obsess over fictional characters!

Goody-two-shoes: A character who was just so morally good

Image result for memes about goody two shoes

Captain America/Steve Rogers.  You knew I’d have to fangirl over him at some point, right?  I’ve seen very few Marvel movies, but I have seen the Cap trilogy and it’s basic perfection.  From the first few minutes of The First Avenger to Cap’s almost-defeat at the end of Civil War, I’ve been spellbound by his character.  His innate goodness inspires me to practice more goodness myself.  He never leaves a friend behind.  He loves purely and truly (familial love, brotherly love, romantic love).  And, in my mind’s eye, he’ll always be that kid from Brooklyn who couldn’t walk away from a fight.  Who leaped on a grenade to save others.  Who sacrificed everything for the world…and for his best friend.

Related image

Heartbreaker: A character who made you cry

Image result for crying over fictional characters

So many!!!  How am I supposed to pick just one?!  But after sifting through all the possibilities, I’m going with Marian (BBC Robin Hood).  She doesn’t get enough credit and I think that’s a shame because she’s truly one of the greatest heroines I’ve ever known.  And I can’t even count the number of times she’s made me cry.  When her father was killed.  When she punched Guy and ran away.  When she ‘died’.  When she actually died.  When she reunited with Robin.  Whenever her theme music plays.  SHE MAKES ME FEEL ALL THE FEELS, OKAY???

Related image

Parrot: A character who won’t stop talking

Image result for memes about not stop talking

I really dislike characters who won’t stop talking.  So this isn’t going to really be a fangirly answer, but I’d have to say Miss Bates (Emma).  I recently reread Emma and I found myself skipping almost all of Miss Bates’s long, loooooong speeches because #mindnumbing.  But Emma should still have known better than to mock her (and not just at Box Hill). *sigh*

Image result for emma miss bates

Devilish: Your favorite villain

Image result for villain memes

Haha!  I just wrote a post about villains.  I’ve already written at length about my all time favorite villain, Ben Wade, so I’m going to talk about my favorite Disney villain today.  And that would be Ratigan (‘The Great Mouse Detective’).  Some of you might be all “huh?” right now because TGMD is a sadly underappreciated Disney film but, trust me, Ratigan is the BEST.  He says the most chilling/hilarious things.  He’s deliciously, Disney-villainy (all that kidnapping and scheming and speechifying!).  Vincent Price voices him (#yourargumentisinvalid).  And he gets TWO villain songs, both of which are villainous greatness with a side of evil.

Image result for ratigan great mouse detective

Love interest: A character who, if alive in reality, you would want to marry


Can I say Steve Rogers again?

But no, let me think about this.  It’s actually kind of hard because any characters I really love are so awesome that I can’t imagine them putting up with me. 😛  I think Barry Allen (CW’s The Flash) would be a pretty sweet, supportive husband.  Also, kind of random, but Sean Maguire (‘Good Will Hunting’) because HE’S SUCH A GOOD GUY (and I need someone who can deal with all my Problems).

Image result for barry allen wedding

Sidekick: A character who was always loyal no matter what

Image result for memes about sidekicks

John Watson (any Sherlock story, but I’m talking about BBC Sherlock this time).  The first time I watched the show, I was sure that John was going to believe Moriarty’s “I’m just an actor!” bit, if only for a short time.  But he DIDN’T and it was awesome.  It’s a bit surprising that John stayed so loyal to Sherlock through so many of his frustrating/deathly adventures, but he did.  And that’s a huge part of why I love John. (Yes, there was that bit after Mary died, but we won’t talk about it.)

Image result for john watson bbc sherlock

Complicated: A character you love and hate

Image result for love hate relationship meme

Scarlett [she has so many last names idek] (Gone With the Wind).  Scarlett is selfish, grasping, and small-minded.  There’s no doubt about that.  Many of the things she does in the course of the story make me shake my head.  But I also admire her grit and determination.  She follows through on her promises.  She does whatever it takes to keep her family alive.  She rebuilds her life from scratch.  There’s a stubborn tenacity about her that invites admiration, even when you disapprove of her in general.

Related image

Oddity: A character who was strange, but you loved them that way

Related image
the meme is strange.  it’s all I’ve got for this category.

Winter Hayle (Lunar Chronicles).  All the characters in this series are strange, in one way or another, but Winter is probably the strangest (and my favorite).  She’s vowed never to use her Lunar gift on anyone after a traumatizing event from her childhood.  Because of her disuse of the gift, she begins to see freaky, completely realistic visions of bleeding walls and lopped off heads…and, as you might expect, it messes with her mind.  Honestly, Winter might seem really strange at first but she’s one of the strongest, most admirable character in the series.  I love her.

Image result for winter lunar chronicles

King: A male character who you admire and aspire to emulate


Atticus Finch.  Atticus has been my go-to hero ever since I first read To Kill a Mockingbird and nothing can topple him from that position.  Not the oddly pieced together first draft of TKAM (aka Go Set a Watchman).  Not all the op-eds now saying that Atticus is merely a ‘white savior’ trope and, as such, shouldn’t be taken seriously.  Nothing.  Atticus doesn’t just stand up for what he believes in – he moves others to stand up as well. (Literally and figuratively.)

Related image

Savior: A character who oddly reminds you of Christ

regarding memes, I’ve got nothing.

(I’m not going to say Aslan because he’s from an allegory so it isn’t the same thing.)

However, the character I’m drawn to again and again is Diana/Wonder Woman (new Wonder Woman movie, not the comics ’cause I haven’t read those).  The whole ‘deserve versus believe’ thing that Steve Trevor spells out near the end of the movie always hits me in the feels, particularly because we, as humans, don’t deserve God’s love.  But when we believe in Jesus, that love is given as a free gift. (Plus, Diana’s not wrong about ‘only love can save the world’, though something tells me she isn’t thinking of God’s love.)  Anyway, Diana is a hugely imperfect reminder of Christ (sacrificing her life in  Themyscira to save people and all that) but the fact that she/the film got me thinking about Him at all is rather surprising.  And it makes my heart happy.

See what I mean:


I tag:

Let me know what you thought of my answers!  I’d love to discuss all things fictional characters in the comments.


the five things tag


Stolen from Maribeth. 😉

Five Things You’ll Find In My Purse:

ONE: My wee Moleskine notebook.  It’s crammed full of story ideas and thoughts from years back – and I add to it all the time.  Absolutely indispensable.

TWO: A small, pink Bible.  It’s my church Bible.  I got it for free at a thrift store and it’s very cute.


THREE: My library card. (Plus two other library cards from other places I’ve lived.  I collect them.)

FOUR: A little booklet of Bible verses for memorization.

FIVE: A green tartan-covered compact mirror that I almost never use because I don’t wear makeup.

Five Things You’ll Find In My Bedroom:

(In my bedroom proper, I only have my bed and my clothes. #boring  All the good stuff is in the hallway outside, so I’m going to talk about that.  Though I do have a rather awesome Captain America poster on my bedroom wall.)

ONE: A desk stuffed with mugs, papers, notebooks, headphones, random bric-a-brac, and a WWII-style “Join the Women’s army!” poster.


TWO: Allll my lovely books.  Sometimes I just look at them and sigh with happiness.

THREE: A white (well, grey now) rabbit named ‘Cream’ (lol – I was so imaginative) which has been with me since I was Very Small Indeed.

FOUR: My collection of action figures and Funkos that mean a great deal to me.  I still need to get one of Edmund Pevensie and John from BBC Sherlock…

FIVE: A framed movie still of Henry Fonda. ❤

Five Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do:

ONE: Meet Julie Andrews.

TWO: Have my book, The Darkness is Past, traditionally published.

THREE: Spend the entire day in a library.

Today I bought two books in our local bookstore and later lent four more from the library. I cancelled all my evening plans, because, well, I'm all booked.

FOUR: Own a cat of my very own.

FIVE: Meet all my internet friends in person.

Five Things That Make Me Feel Happy:

ONE: Studio C.  My sister and I tend to binge watch their sketches (catching up on all we missed) and though I think their jokes have a tendency to outstay their welcome, they’re still awesome.  I have so many favorite videos of theirs.

TWO: Earrings.  I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but earrings are quick to put in and there are so many pretty ones.  Just switching them out makes me feel new, in a way.

THREE: Nadine Brandes’ newest book, Romanov, is coming out in less than a month! (May 7th, to be exact.)  And not only that…Finale, the last book in the Caravel trilogy, is releasing on the same day!!!  I cannot wait.

What Happened to Anastasia Romanov Romanov by Nadine Brandes Book Review Romanov is a wonderful read! Nadine Brandes is a storyteller whose prose borders on magical. Brandes weaves a beautiful tale about a princess desperate to save her family at any cost. She brings the historical figure Anastasia Romanov to life. #anastasia #romanov #anastasiaromanov #yabook #yabooks #historicalfiction #fictionbooks #books

FOUR: Celebrating birthdays. (Whether my own or someone else’s.)

FIVE: Running this blog.  I love writing posts, sharing my thoughts with the world, and interacting with all of you.  We’re on track to hitting 400 followers, which is amazing/unbelievable.  Love you guys! (And, yes, there will be an epic giveaway when there’s 400 followers.)

Five Things I’m Currently Into:

ONE: Villains.  Muahahaha.  In all seriousness, I recently watched ‘Maleficent’ for the first time (great movie!) and it got me thinking about all the villains I like and why I like them and why villain-narrated stories appeal to me.  I feel a blog post coming on…

TWO: The soundtrack for ‘Mary Poppins Returns’.  I’ve been humming, singing, and listening to the songs a LOT.  They’re so good.

THREE: Taking pictures of my family’s cat.  Because why wouldn’t I?

Image may contain: cat

FOUR: Doodling.  I have some great gel pens and whenever I’m bored, I tend to default to drawing houses, women’s faces, and eyes. (Someone needs to psychoanalyze me.)  I also enjoy writing random words in my very best cursive and scribbling down story notes and to-do lists.

FIVE: ‘I Can Only Imagine’, the movie.  I might write a review about the whys and wherefores of my (very unexpected) liking for this movie if y’all are interested.

Five Things On My To-Do List:

ONE: Finish the third draft of The Darkness is Past by June 30th. (I asked one of my friends to give me a deadline + be my alpha reader because otherwise I won’t get the draft finished until next year probably.  Drafting is going well so far.)

TWO: Get back on track with my Goodreads reading challenge.  I’m one book ahead right now but I like a little more of a cushion.  That’s where Trixie Belden books come in handy, lol.

THREE: Write more bookish blog posts.

FOUR: Spend less time wasting my time. *the eternal struggle intensifies*

FIVE: Make myself a coffee as soon as I publish this post.

Black Rifle Coffee Company - Follow our memes instagram for coffee memes daily!   @coffee__memes  #BlackRifleCoffee #AmericasCoffee


Feel free to steal this tag (is it stealing if I give you permission?) to answer on your own blog or in the comments!


‘we love Shakespeare week’ – tag!

Hamlette’s We Love Shakespeare Week is upon us and I’m so excited.  I’ve got a post planned for later on this week talking about my personal connection to Macbeth, but for now I’m going to answer this tag.  Because tags are the lifeblood of this blog. (Seriously, if I don’t have any post ideas, I’ll usually hunt up a tag to answer.)

1. When and how did you first encounter Shakespeare’s plays?

Well, Romeo & Juliet was the first Shakespeare play I read (back in 2013 or something) and I think I tried it because it’s one of his most famous plays and I figured I’d better read some Shakespeare before I died.  I was also kind of obsessed with the Lady Grace Mysteries which are set in Shakespearean England…those might have had something to do with my discovering the Bard.

2. What are your favorite Shakespeare plays? (Go ahead and list as many as you like!)

Macbeth, Hamlet, and Romeo & Juliet.  Those are the three I know really well and I love each of them – for very different reasons, mind you.  Macbeth is a brilliant story that kinda appeals to my dark side (muahahahaha).  Hamlet is a brilliant story with many lovable characters and it’ll always remind me of this great trip I took ’cause I read it on the road.  Romeo & Juliet isn’t as brilliant a story.  I’m literally just there for Mercutio, let’s be real.

Image result for mercutio quotes

3. Who are some of your favorite characters in his plays? (Again, list however many suits you.)

Mercutio, Banquo, Hamlet, Friar Laurence, Ophelia, Horatio, and Juliet.

4. Have you seen any of his plays performed, whether live or on film?

YAAAAAS.  I’ve seen Macbeth performed live and it was GLORIOUS.  Loved every minute of it.  I’ve also seen a couple film versions of it and the Benedict Cumberbatch version of Hamlet.  Oh, and I’ve watched the Richard Burton ‘Taming of the Shrew’ and ‘Kiss Me Kate’ (does that count?).  I started watching ‘Julius Ceaser’ (the one with James Mason) and really enjoyed it, but I was also in the mood for something more fast-paced, so yeah.  I do want to try it again some day.

5. Have you read any of his plays?

Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet, King Lear, Othello, and A Midsummer’s Night Dream. (According to Goodreads anyway.  I don’t really remember reading the last two.)

Image result for hamlet shakespeare

6. Share a dream cast for one of your favorite Shakespeare plays.

Oh goodness.  It takes me a long time to come up with a dream cast for anything.  So I’m going to pass on this one.

7. What draws you to Shakespeare’s plays? (Language, themes, characters, the fact that they’re famous, whatever!)

The fact that they’re famous was definitely why I started reading Shakespeare.  I do love the language now, though sometimes it’s a little difficult to understand. (I do pretty well though, I think.) 

Basically if I read a Shakespeare play and really understand it + the characters, I’m a fan for life.  But I don’t like striking out into new territory without some kind of guide so if a friend doesn’t recommend any more plays to me, I’ll probably stick with the trio I love the best – Hamlet, Macbeth, and Romeo & Juliet.

Image result for macbeth shakespeare

8. Do you have any cool Shakespeare-themed merchandise, like t-shirts or mugs or bookmarks, etc? Share pictures if you can!

Nope. 😛  All I have is this mug with author’s names on it and Shakespeare is among them.  And I’m too lazy to get up and take a picture.

9. How do you go about understanding his language? (Do you prefer copies with translation notes, look things up online, or just read so much stuff written in Elizabethan English that you totally know what everyone’s saying?)

I really like the Folger Library editions of the plays.  I have my favorite triumvirate in those editions and what I like about them is that they provide a summary of each scene.  Yes, there’s spoilers (which y’all should know I don’t care about) but if I know where the story is going, I can muddle through a few words and phrases I don’t understand. (They define those as well, but I prefer to read straight through without referring to their other helps, for some reason.)

Oh, and watching the plays helps, I think.  Even though the language is really dense, I could understand ‘Julius Caeser’ (James Mason one, remember?) pretty well because the actors are so good and expressive. 

10. What are some of your favorite lines from Shakespeare? (Maybe limit yourself to like ten, okay?)

Give me my Romeo; and, when he shall die,
Take him and cut him out in little stars,
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun.Romeo & Juliet, Act III, Scene II

It’s so lame but that’s literally the only good one I can think of.  I love the imagery and fire and beauty of those lines, tbh. ❤  It'll have to do.

Image result for romeo and juliet book



the New Year’s tag {2018-2019}

Image may contain: 3 people, close-up

What did you do in 2018 that you’d never done before?

Had my ears pierced.  Got a job.  Got another job.  Attended an IRL NaNoWriMo event.  Hosted a read-along on my blog (The Outsiders).  Wore mascara.  Read the Bible through in a year.

Did you keep your New Year’s resolutions, and will you make one this year?

My resolutions were…

Give more than I get. (Mayyybe not.  I went rather crazy buying books after I got my job[s]).
Read the Bible through. (YES.)
Write every day. (No.  But I’ve since come to the conclusion that one doesn’t have to write every single day.  In fact, sometimes it’s better not to.)
Get my Beginner’s driver’s license. (No, but not for want of trying.)
Watch Dunkirk (2017). (No. *cries*)

Did anyone close to you give birth?

Two women who attend my church each had a baby – and both babies are extremely cute.

Did anyone close to you die?

Not exactly, but Charles Wesco’s death hit me hard.  My family has prayed for him and his family a lot and to hear that he’d been shot and killed…that was really emotional for me.

What countries/states did you visit?

Montana.  That’s it.

Image may contain: cloud, mountain, sky, nature and outdoor

What would you like to have in 2019 that you lacked in 2018?

A driver’s licence and a final draft of The Darkness Is Past.

What date from 2018 will remain etched upon your memory?

Okay, so I did have to look it up just to be sure of the dates, but February 8th-10th was when I attended a winter church camp (Chill Out) with some of my siblings and friends.  I can’t describe how incredible the experience was.  Can’t wait to go next year!

Did you move anywhere?

Yep!  In November my family moved into a much larger house and we’re loving it.  It’s super close to our church and all of our friends in Edmonton, so that’s awesome.  And it’s within easy walking distance of the mall/library so WIN.

What was the best month?

To be honest, I don’t view any month as better than the others.  Every month this year was filled with highs and lows and enjoyed each month as it came.  None of them stand out as super special, though NaNoWriMo does always make November a tiny bit awesomer than other months.  Same with Christmas in December.

What was your biggest achievement of the year?

Writing over 60K words in twelve days.

No automatic alt text available.
last minute NaNo notes.

What was your biggest failure?

Honestly, not having a close enough relationship with Jesus.  It’s definitely a work in progress.

Did you suffer illness or injury?


What was the best thing you bought?

I think I bought twenty books, give or take, after I got my freelance writing job and I looooved being able to do that.  None of those books were ‘the best’; I adore each and every one.

Whose behavior merited celebration?

A married couple in the church I used to be a member of. (For reasons.)

Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?

Jason Momoa.  WHAT KIND OF AN EVIL VILLAIN RIPS PAGES OUT OF A PERSON’S BOOK JUST TO GET THEIR ATTENTION???  After I mentally put myself in that situation, I realized just how furious I would be if someone did that to me.  My reaction wouldn’t be pretty.

Where did most of your money go?

Books.  No question about it.

What did you get really, really, really excited about?

Getting a job!  Made me really happy.  And NaNoWriMo was great, too.

Image may contain: screen and laptop

What was the best concert you’ve been to this year?

Didn’t go to any.

What song/album will always remind you of 2018?

The soundtrack for ‘Coco’ and, especially, ‘Un Poco Loco’.  I listened to that soundtrack SO much a few months ago and it’ll always stick with me.

Compared to this time last year, are you:

1. happier or sadder? About the same, though I seem to be more tired these days. #irrelevant

2. thinner or fatter? The *cough* latter.

3. richer or poorer? Richer!

What do you wish you’d done more of?

Writing, reading/studying my Bible, and praying.

What do you wish you’d done less of?

Wasting time. 😛

What was your greatest musical discovery?

Michael Giacchino.  His soundtracks are GOLD.

How did you spend Christmas?

Christmas Eve was the books/chocolate thing.  And then on Christmas Day we opened our stockings, had breakfast, opened our gifts, and then had friends from church over for lunch.  After a super delicious lunch, we watched a couple Christmas movies and played Clue (a gift from our pastor’s family).  It was a really fun day.

How are you spending New Year’s?

Lots of junk food and ‘Meet the Robinsons’ (2007) on New Year’s Eve and probably taking down the Christmas decorations New Year’s Day.

Who did you spend the most time on the phone with?

No one, really.  But I did text these two friends of mine – Liz and Rebekah – a lot.

What was the best book you read?

Heartless by Marissa Meyer. </3

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What was the best movie you watched?

‘Coco’ (2017).  Incredibly moving story, great characters, epic music…Pixar at the absolute top of its game.

Did you fall in love in 2018?

Massive crush on This One Guy, but probably not love. 😉

What was your favorite TV show?

So hard!  I started watching The Flash and Arrow early this year, plus Agent Carter, and all three are fantastic. (I believe that season one of Agent Carter is the greatest season in any TV show.  Period.)  And I kinda can’t believe I’m saying this, but Arrow was probably my favorite show of 2018.  I started out liking The Flash way more, but there’s something about Arrow that really gets under my skin…in a good way.

I’d also like to mention Troy: Fall of a City and TURN: Washington’s Spies.  Really enjoyed both and they’ll always say ‘2018’ to me.

Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, drink and outdoor
definitely don’t hate this guy.

What did you want and get?

A job.  And multitudinous books.

What did you want and not get?

A driver’s licence.

How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2018?

Hand-me-down. *winks at certain people who read this blog*

What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?

I was twenty.  TWENTY.  And I didn’t do much on my actual birthday because, about a week later, I had a Disney-themed sleepover. (You’re never too old for Disney.)  Everyone dressed up as a Disney character – I was Edna Mode – and my sister cooked a Disney-inspired meal (spaghetti from ‘Lady and the Tramp’ and baguettes from ‘Aladdin’ were featured).  Rebekah R., one of my best friends, created a Snuggly Duckling birthday cake and it was perfection.  Then we watched 2015’s ‘Cinderella’. ❤  It was a memorable birthday, to say the least.

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What kept you sane?

All the good people I have in my life.

What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?

*shrugs*  I’m pretty satisfied.

Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?

In chronological order: Tom Felton, Gael García Bernal, and Jamie Bell.  And it wasn’t ‘fancied’ so much as ‘crushed on verrrry intensely for a limited period of time before obsession turned into something slightly more handleable (but not by much)’.

What political issue stirred you the most?

Nothing really.  I keep up with politics but I don’t get worked up over political events like some people.

Who did you miss?

My dad and some other family members.

Who was the best new person you met?

Okay, so I met Rebekah and Liz and Hannah in 2017, but we didn’t become friends until this year (something we laugh over now).  They’re some of the best friends I’ve ever had.  Love them so much.

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Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2018.

God will always provide – in every way.

Quote a song lyric that sums up your year.

The sun’ll come out
So you’ve gotta hang on

‘Til tomorrow
Come what may! -‘Tomorrow’ from Annie

Five things I want to do in 2019:

-end up with a final draft of The Darkness Is Past

-get my driver’s licence

-read through the Bible in chronological (historical) order

-start a freelance editing business

-read 300 books

Image may contain: sky, car and outdoor
old car show near where I used to live.


How was your year?  What are you looking forward to/planning for 2019?


characters of the year {2018 edition}

I saw this tag on a random blog and it was such a fun idea that I’ll probably do it every year. 🙂  Enjoy! (Let me know your character choices in the comments!) (And check out my top eighteen books out of 2018 here.)



JEST. (Heartless by Marissa Meyer) ALWAYS.  He’s probably my favorite male character of the decade, tbh.  To elaborate a little: I’m sick of ‘heroes’ in YA novels (more like glorified love interests, really) who disdain the heroine, tease and mock her mercilessly, and spew crudities all the time…and the heroine still goes silly over them.  But Jest is a gentleman.  And he’s not just there to be the love interest – he has his own secrets and goals that are separate from Cath.  Not to mention that their relationship is deeper and truer than 99% of YA relationships.

Related image


Emma. (Fawkes by Nadine Brandes)  Clever, compassionate, and brave. (Just like Nadine’s other major female character – Parvin from the Out of Time series.)  I have nothing but admiration for her.


It’s super rare for me to relate to a fictional character, so this is tough.  But while I was reading Legendary, I found myself liking Scarlett a lot more than I had in Caravel and I could definitely see myself in her – the older sister who keeps her thoughts and motivations private.


Jest and Cath. *sniffles*  Also, I loved Rowan and Citra’s unconventional relationship in Scythe and Thunderhead.  And Juli/Bryce from Flipped.  HE PLANTED THAT TREE.  I CAN’T EVEN, YOU GUYS.

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Scythe Goddard from Scythe (Neal Shusterman).  Absolutely chilling.


Old Nick from Room (Emma Donaghue).  A disgusting, despicable person.


Hmmmm.  I didn’t read many new books that featured royalty. *shrugs*  I guess I’ll say Cinder/Selene because even though I didn’t read the Lunar Chronicles for the first time this year, I did read the graphic novels for the first time.  And Cinder is Luna’s queen throughout both.

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Richard Parker (Life of Pi). *smirks*  Also Torrance from the Allegiance series (by Sarah Addison-Fox).


This is kind of cheating, because this character isn’t a biological sibling to the book’s main character, but Theo in Thief of Corinth (Tessa Afshar) was a great, sweet guy who was definitely my favorite character in the book.  Loved him.


So tough.  Honestly.  But probably Susan Pevensie, after the events of The Last Battle.  Because…yeah.

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Have you read any of the books I mentioned?  Who was your favorite fictional character of 2018?