TURN: washington’s spies – my thoughts

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After some serious binge-watching this morning and afternoon, I finished Season 3 of TURN: Washington’s Spies.  I have mixed feelings about this series so, hello, blog post!  Be prepared for rambling and incoherence because this is basically going to be me working out my thoughts and feelings about the show (and I’m still not over that season finale).

(Also, Rosanna M. White – one of my favorite authors – wrote a great blog post that I completely agree with.  Go read it!)

So, I started watching TURN because of Jamie Bell.  Which wasn’t a great idea because it’s practically made me hate Jamie Bell (I need to watch ‘The Eagle’ just to clean my brain of his horridness in this show).  See, he plays the main character, Abraham Woodhull (who was a real person, fyi), and I cannot stand Abe.  He’s weak.  He’s unprincipled.  He doesn’t have conviction.  He’s a murderer (in both deed and thought).  And, what got to me the most, he’s an adulterer.  He cheats on his wife a bunch of times (mostly in the first season) and never apologizes or shows any regret.  It’s disgusting. 

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Whereas this guy is honorable and upright and honest and knows exactly what he believes in and what he’s fighting for.

And the thing is, when you have a weak, wimpy, morally bankrupt main character I’m going to have a hard time connecting to the story you’re trying to tell.  I slogged my way through Season 1 of TURN, mainly going on the strength of my love for the time period.  Season 2 was a little better because they started focusing more on other characters who I genuinely liked.  And most of the characters improve once you get to know them. (Just not Abe.  Or Simcoe.)

This is going to sound really bad, especially because I love history, but prior to watching TURN I always thought that Benedict Arnold was caught and hung.  But nope, he actually lived into his 60s.  However, I knew that André died and I knew that Peggy Shippen married Benedict so WHY DID THE STUPID WRITERS HAVE TO HAVE ANDRÉ AND PEGGY FALL IN LOVE???  It’s incredibly unfair.

Image result for andre and peggy
By the way, JJ Feild is actually ridiculously handsome in TURN.  I can’t even.

Honestly, I don’t know if I’m going to continue watching the show.  I do love and adore Ben Tallmadge so I want to see how he grows in the next season.  Ben is one of the deepest characters on the show.  He makes mistakes as Washington’s Head of Intelligence, but he picks himself and keeps going.  He’s a gentleman.  He cares.  He protects those he loves and mourns when he can’t.  But I’ve become so bored and annoyed with any scenes connected to the Woodhull family.  They’re a bunch of sour, depressing, irritating characters with few – if any – redeeming qualities.  And André is gone now (he was my favorite character) so yeah…

The Season 3 finale was really horrible.  Especially André’s final moments.  They kept cutting back to Setauket junk and I was like “I DON’T CARE JUST MAKE SURE ANDRÉ AND PEGGY SEE EACH OTHER ONE LAST TIME”.  Honestly, people.

(They did see each other again and Ben was so kind and respectful to both André and Peggy that it made me love him a million times more.)

So yeah, idk if I’m going to continue the show.  Have you watched all four seasons?  And if so, what do you think I should do?  Is the fourth season worth watching?


P.S. This show was rated TV-14 and, in later seasons, TV-MA.  There’s a lot of sexual content, swearing, and graphic violence so I can’t recommend it to anyone under eighteen. (I watched it via VidAngel, a website I highly recommend.)


“even a traitor may mend.”

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I haven’t properly fangirled on this blog in a while, so today I’m going to be talking about a favorite character trope (and favorite characters to go along with said trope).  The trope is ‘traitor/antagonist/villain/generally dislikable character turned awesome and sweet and perfect’.  It’s a thing and it’s the best.  Might even be my favorite trope of all time.  In this post I’m going to list seven characters who left the dark side and talk a little bit about why I love them so.

  • Dan Kean (Little Men/Jo’s Boys) – Dan was the first character to make me fall for this particular trope.  When he first came to Plumfield he was surly, antagonistic, and generally a bad influence.  But then everything changed through a series of interesting/sad events and I love it and I love him.  I’m going to write an article about Dan for Feminista where I’ll explain more about why he’s my favorite fictional character evah.  So stay tuned for that.
  • Edmund Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia) – EDMUNDDDDD.  I kinda wish Lewis had spent more time diving into Edmund’s angst and emotions but the Narnia books aren’t really suited to that (I guess).  That’s what fanfiction’s for!  Honestly, though, Edmund is great and you can read more of my thoughts on him in this post.
  • Ben McKenna Morgan (The Adversaries) – The Adversaries is a book by Jack Cavanaugh which you’ve probably never heard of.  Ben is an officer in the Union army who hates several of the book’s main characters, for various reasons.  But by the end of the story he’s found out that he’s actually related to those main characters he’s hated and he gets saved and his personality completely turns around.  The transformation always makes me tear up.
  • Chris (Shane) – It’s been a while since I read Shane, but Chris always stood out to me because of his switch from mindless lackey to a maturing young man who thinks for himself and chooses the right path (mainly because of Shane himself).
  • Phillip (The Candymakers) – Phillip is one-third of the reason why The Candymakers is one of my favorite books of all time (the other thirds are Miles and Logan).  At first glance you think he’s a spoiled rich kid who’s basically the definition of ‘snobbish’.  But there’s soooo much more to him and it’s great.
  • Allan (BBC’s Robin Hood) – First season Allan is a trickster whose loyalties are shaky at best.  Second season Allan is a traitor (up until the last episode or so).  But third season Allan is brave, loyal, and smart.  He grows and changes and matures AND THEN THE WRITERS HAD TO KILL HIM OFF IN THE MOST AWFUL WAY.  I will never get over the injustice of Allan’s death.
  • Julian Albert (CW’s The Flash) – I believe I’ve already fangirled over Julian – a lot.  But still.  He was Doctor Alchemy for the first few episodes of Season 3 but that wasn’t really his fault because he was brainwashed.  But he also disliked Barry (for understandable reasons) and it was awesome seeing him thaw out over the season.  I’m a fan. (And even if his character was rather unneeded, he’s still a sweetheart and I hope he comes back.)

Sooooo…what’s your favorite character trope?  Do you like/love any of the characters I listed above?  Let me know in the comments!


arrow VS. the flash

“My name is Oliver Queen.  For five years I was stranded on an island…”

“My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive…”

Over the past several months my family and I have watched four seasons of The Flash and almost four seasons of Arrow.  While both shows definitely do their own thing, they’re also connected in more ways than one and I figured it was time to write a comparison post!

// Premise //

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Arrow: Oliver Queen, billionaire playboy, has a secret mission: to right the wrongs done (sometimes in the Queen name) to his beloved Star(ling) City.  His ability to fight injustice comes from five years spent (mostly) on a hellish island that was basically a vigilante training boot camp.

The Flash: Barry Allan, CSI for the local police department, has a secret mission: to protect his beloved Central City by using his super-speed to fight crime, metahumans, and Big Bads.

// The Heroes //

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Arrow: It took me a long time to warm up to Oliver.  He seemed cold and brutal and way too brooding (like Batman, but worse?).  However, since he took a ‘no killing’ vow and began to let the people close to him get, well, closer…he’s grown on me.  He recognizes that he’s done some terrible things but he tries so hard to make it right and I’ve got a soft spot for heroes like that.

The Flash: Barry Allen is one of my top five favorite superheroes.  He can be a little too mopey, a little too “this is all my fault”, but his heart is so big, his motives so pure, his kindness and generosity and just…*siiiiigh*.  But at the same time, Barry isn’t a Gary Stu.  He has faults (much as Joe would hate to admit it), he makes mistakes, but he always owns up and apologizes and, yeah, I love him.

// The Teams //

Image result for arrow and flash crossover

Arrow: Team Arrow is HUGE.  You’ve got Oliver, Felicity, Laurel, Sarah, Thea, Diggle, Roy…and I’m pretty sure I’ve missed someone.  There’s so many moving parts and the cool thing is that none of them have superpowers.  All they’ve got is their Mad Skillz.  My favorite in the team is definitely Diggle, closely followed by Oliver and Thea.  I really love the suicide squad episodes where Dig goes off and does his own thing.  So cool.

The Flash: And Team Flash, which started out very small, has added a lot of members over the years.  Barry, Iris, H.R., Cisco, Caitlin, Harry, Julian, Ralph, Joe.  Cisco is the best, as is Caitlin.  And H.R. and Harry…let’s just say, I love them all! 😉  Julian is awesome, though I have to admit that he doesn’t serve much purpose in the story once he joins Team Flash (other than being Caitlin’s love interest).  Oh, well.

// The Villains //

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Arrow: My favorite villain is definitely Slade Wilson.  Season 2 of Arrow has been my favorite so far, mainly because Slade was such an epic villain and his connection to Oliver made S2 the most personal one so far (IMO).  Malcolm Merlyn is also a favorite – he’s so twisted, but there’s a glimmer of honour somewhere in there.  And speaking of honour…DEADSHOT.  (I hardly count him as a villain, though.)  R’as al Ghul was forgettable – I infinitely prefer Liam Neeson’s take on the character, y’know?

The Flash: This show has had some pretty unforgettable villains.  Eobard Thawne was the first and the best.  My mom and little siblings are re-watching/watching the first season right now and I’m blown away by how Tom Cavanaugh can convey trustworthiness, sliminess, and mysteriousness so well, all mixed up.  Zoom and Savitar were worthy opponents for Barry.  I liked DeVoe up to a point and then I was over him.  Still, the villains on The Flash are great overall.

// Ships //

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Arrow: I hate Felicity.  Hate her.  Words can’t express how much I loathe her.  So, obviously, I don’t ship her with Oliver, but then, I don’t really ship Oliver with anyone.  Slade and Shado, Diggle and Lyla, and Deadshot and his wife are my favorite ships from the show.

The Flash: Annnnd I don’t ship Barry and Iris either!  But Caitlin and Ronnie, Caitlin and Julian, and Ralph and that country singer…those are the couples I love.

// Music //

Image result for arrow tv show soundtrack

Arrow: Dark, dramatic, and intense.  Blake Neely captures – and creates – the show’s atmosphere.

The Flash: Another Blake Neely score (I believe he’s responsible for all four Arrowverse shows in that department).  His character themes for Barry, Reverse-Flash, and Captain Cold are all excellent and I also enjoy the touches of quirkiness and humour that make their way into the score.

// Coolness Factor //

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Arrow: The League of Shadows is pretty cool.  And Thea is literally the coolest, with her suit and the way she stands up to Malcolm.  She’s easily the least annoying female on the show and I find myself rooting for her even more than Oliver sometimes.  Slade Wilson is cool as well, in his own way.  Overall, the show has a gritty, sometimes epic vibe that I dig.

The Flash: Captain Cold.  I rest my case.

// Feels Factor //

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Arrow: So, the last episode I watched of this show was the one dealing with the fall-out from Laurel’s death and, um, many tears were shed.  Many, many tears.  It was kind of surprising, because Laurel isn’t my favorite character by a long shot (though she did improve over the show’s run) but I guess I was more attached to her than I thought.  And seeing everyone else broken up about her death…GAH.  Oh, and add to that all the references to Tommy who is the best forever and ever and whyyyyy did the writers kill him off? (That thing in ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ when his doppelganger shows up?  TOO MANY FEELS.)

The Flash: So much sadness.  Nora Allen’s murder (and Barry deciding NOT TO SAVE HER), H.R.’s death, Caitlin’s tragic romances, Plastique…there’s some major feelsiness going down in every season of The Flash.  I might start crying as much as Barry if the writers don’t lighten up soon.

// Overall //

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I have a friend who said that it took her until the third or fourth season to really enjoy Arrow.  I have to agree.  Season 1 bored me, Season 2 was the best (and held my attention the best), I skipped most of Season 3, and Season 4 has too much weirdness for me to fully commit.  But I do enjoy it.  So many of the characters have my heart and the action scenes can be pretty entertaining.

But The Flash is my favorite, hands-down.  The characters are more relatable and lovable than those in Arrow, the episodes are rarely boring, the seasons are more tight-knit (probably because there’s not many flashbacks), and overall I just like it more.

Both shows, however, are amazing and I’d recommend them to fans of epic superheroes (though not without a few caveats as to violence and adult content – mostly in Arrow).


Have you seen either – or both – of these shows?  Do you agree with my consensus?  Let me know in the comments!


troy: fall of a city – my thoughts

Before I start the actual post, I just want to say that I watched this miniseries on VidAngel with a ton of filters and even then I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone other than mature viewers.  There’s still some disturbing stuff that happens and younger children would probably be bored as well.

Troy: Fall of a City (2018)

I’ve kinda sorta read Homer’s Iliad twice (both times for school) and I wasn’t super impressed either time.  But I’m always up for a big, dramatic, epic saga (that, yeah, it’s a Netflix original, but BBC also had a hand in making it) and when I watched ‘Troy: Fall of a City’ with my sister I think we inhaled all eight episodes in three days or something.  I know it’s gotten mixed to outright negative reviews from critics but I liked it so much that I re-watched it with my brothers a couple weeks later.

While the Iliad ends directly after Hector’s funeral (oops, spoilers) and doesn’t actually show the fall of Troy, T:FoaC goes right up into the aftermath of the event (with gut-wrenching results).  I do admit that the show isn’t fast-paced (especially the first episode) but I personally like the slow burn you get with the character development and the war.  My favorite episode is probably ‘Seige’ – it’s like a road trip movie, with Paris and Hector going to get help for Troy from Andromache’s father.  And last episode, ‘Black Blood’ is SO GOOD.  BBC knows how to do a series finale (Robin Hood, Sherlock…).

Thoughts on different characters:

  • Paris/Alexander – Okay, at the beginning I really didn’t like him.  Spoiled brat who thinks the world owes him a living.  But he seriously improved. #characterdevelopementforthewin  I think as Troy became dearer to him, he matured more and put the needs of others above himself.

Image result for troy fall of a city paris

  • Helen – And, on the other hand, Helen’s character degenerated.  She was never the greatest because, you know, adultery (which was Paris’ fault as well) but she grew too selfish.  At least in the end she recognized that selfishness and tried to rectify it…but it was too little, too late.

Bella Dayne in Troy: Fall of a City (2018)

  • Priam and Hecuba – Meh.

Frances O'Connor in Troy: Fall of a City (2018)

  • Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, Athena – The gods were okay, but I felt like they weren’t given much to do (besides Aphrodite).

Image result for troy fall of a city zeus

  • Hector and Andromache – HECTOR IS THE SWEETEST SMOL CINNAMON ROLL.  And Troy would still be standing (probably) if everyone had just listened to Andromache’s common sense.  I love, love, love Hector and Andromache’s relationship – they’re the strongest, least toxic, most loving couple on the show.  And Hector’s prayer made my heart hurt…

Image result for troy fall of a city hector and andromache

  • Agamemnon, Achilles, Menelaus, Odysseus – I loathe Agamemnon more than any other fictional character.  And that’s saying something.  He’s a horrible, wretched man.  Achilles is pouty and quite unlikable.  I had hopes for Menelaus because he’s played by Jonas Armstrong, but he was almost as bad as his brother.  Odysseus was the only one of the Greeks I truly liked…and then he went and did That Thing in the last episode and all my favourable thoughts toward him disappeared.

Johnny Harris and Jonas Armstrong in Troy: Fall of a City (2018)

I know I’ve missed quite a few characters, mainly the minor ones, but it’s a character-heavy drama and I couldn’t talk about them all (well, I could, but this post would be outrageously long).

The Trojan Horse was actually beautiful.  Just throwing that out there.  And that about wraps up what I want to say about this show.  Watch it if you want, but know that it will either bore you or break your heart.


P.S. The giveaway will stop accepting entries at midnight tomorrow!

why I love ‘the flash’

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I recently re-watched an episode of ‘The Flash’, Season 3 (‘Cause and Effect’) and it reminded me of just how much – and why – I love the show as a whole.  Sure the series has its shaky moments, but overall it’s an amazing show and it’s got my heart.  Here are just a few reasons why I love ‘The Flash’.

// Barry Allen //

Barry Allen/Flash ❤️

Like the show that’s named for him, Barry can sometimes be a little problematic.  He also got increasingly mopey and depressed as the show continued (though who can blame him?).  But when everything’s said and done, Barry Allen is still an amazing superhero.  One of the best, actually.  His sweet soul, kindness, selflessness, and even his insecurities all combine to make a great, relatable, somewhat flawed hero that you have no trouble rooting for.

I’ll just leave you with an example: in ‘Cause and Effect’, Barry confronts Savitar (after finding out who the supervillain really is).  “What if I kill myself?” he asks, his hand already starting to vibrate (a la Reverse-Flash).  “If I die, you’ll never be created.”  And while Savitar convinces Barry that killing himself wouldn’t do much in the end, the fact that Barry was so ready and willing to sacrifice himself in order to save Iris (and whoever else Savitar might kill)…it speaks volumes.

// So many other characters… //

THE FLASH: The Top 5 Reasons To Fall In Love With This Show

I don’t love them all (Wally, Iris…) but so many of them are great.  First of all, Tom Cavanagh is SPOT ON every single time, in every single incarnation of Wells he takes on.  First there was Eobard Thawne who’s kinda creepy while also being a great mentor (how Cavanagh struck the balance is beyond me).  Then there was Harry who was quiet and abrasive but ultimately likable (well, I like him – can’t say the same for everyone).  I love how he betrayed them but ended up telling them all about it and working with the team.  And, best of all, there’s H.R.  SUCH A GREAT GUY.  He loves coffee even more than I do, which is really saying something.  He’s dorky and goofy and I want those drum sticks and he’s a legit hero.  Not just in the end but throughout so much of Season 3.

I got: You're Doctor Darkness!! What Nickname Would Cisco Ramon Give You On "The Flash?"

Other characters: Cisco.  Someone said that he has perhaps an even purer heart than Barry and I agree with that.  He’s a good and true and loyal friend while also being rather funny.  Caitlin is #goals.  Her struggles with her Killer Frost side and the consistent compassion she displays at every turn are inspiring.  Joe is also a good character, though he’s become a little lackluster and reactive (instead of proactive) – at least where I’m at in watching the show.

Also, Julian.  Who might be my favorite character, which is weird because he’s only in one season and he doesn’t have a huge role in the show (besides being Doctor Alchemy which he wasn’t even really because Savitar was just using him).  But I’ve got a soft spot for jerk characters who have a well-written character arc and end up being super awesome.  Julian’s got some great, realistic struggles and I adore his relationship with Caitlin.  Plus, there’s that British accent. 😉

Poor Julian. This is why you don't make friends with people who can just manipulate your every emotion.

(I’m probably the only person in the history of ever who’s a Tom Felton fan without having seen the Harry Potter movies.)

// The Villains //

A Very Silly Flash Episode Suddenly Turned Into a Super DarkFlashEpisode and It Was Awesome

I love me some good villains and ‘The Flash’, as with all the DC stuff I’ve watched, has some epic ones.  I haven’t started Season 4 yet so I can’t say anything about the Thinker, but I’ve found the last three big bads fascinating (to say the least).  Eobard Thawne AKA Reverse-Flash has to be the most chilling because of the way he’s fully infiltrated Harrison Wells’ life and legacy.  All his interactions with Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco take on such an ominous tone after you find out what he’s up to.  And I LOVE that episode in Season 2 when Barry goes back in time to get help from Thawne-as-Wells.  Again, Tom Cavanagh does such a good job with making that Wells slimy and menacing without really appearing to be (at least at first).

Zoom was also an interesting villain.  I didn’t like Hunter/Jay before I knew he was that season’s villain (totally didn’t ship him with Caitlin, so he irritated me even more when romanticalness happened) but once he was revealed to be Zoom, I found him a lot more interesting and likable.  The fact that he’s dying adds a whole other dimension to the character as well.  And then there’s Savitar who I find fascinating and even a little heart-breaking, though the whole thing is totally confusing and wouldn’t ever work IRL.

As for minor villains…Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) is the BEST.  I don’t have any other favorites, that I can remember.  But Snart is almost more of an anti-hero and he’s got depth and a moral code, basically everything I like in a good villain.  The only reason I’d watch Legends of Tomorrow would be for him. 

THE FLASH: Captain Cold Trailer, First Look at the Reverse Flash, the Premiere's Shocking Final Scene — GeekTyrant

Oh, and there’s Killer Frost.  But from what I’ve heard she’s mostly good again in Season 4.  So…yeah.

// The Relationships…and the Ships //

Sounds a lot like Dad to me. #JoeWest and #BarryAllen

I don’t ship too many of the fan-favorite ships in ‘The Flash’, but I do love many of the relationships.  Cisco and Caitlin and Barry are a team and when they work together, that’s when they shine brightest.  And there are soooo many other platonic relationships in the show that make me happy: Joe and Barry, Barry and his dad, Cisco and Dante, Harry and Jesse (to a point), Cisco and all the Wellses, even Leonard and Lisa Snart.  The writers on ‘The Flash’ excel at writing those close, family/friend relationships that are so true and so emotional that even just a hug between two characters can make you tear up (Barry and Cisco, Barry and Joe…)

Now for the romantic ships.  Y’all know (or should know, anyway) what my OTP for this show is and it’s NOT Barry and Iris. (More about them in a minute.)  It is, of course, Snowbert.  Caitlin and Julian.  Their relationship has a less than auspicious beginning, what with Killer Frost kidnapping Julian from CCPD and their love story never runs super-smoothly (and ends far too quickly – a tragedy!).  But they have so many sweet little moments together and they work so well together and support each other and Julian wants soooo hard to help Caitlin control her Killer Frost side.  It’s a beautiful thing.

The Flash: Killer Frost Photos Released

But I also ship Ronnie and Caitlin.  Which can get confusing, but they’re also perfect together – just as perfect as Caitlin and Julian. (May I point out that Caitlin is actually Caitlin Raymond right now, not Caitlin Snow?  Unless she chose to keep her maiden name when she married Ronnie.)  Then there’s H.R. and Tracy, Cisco and Gypsy…and that’s pretty much it.  I don’t ship any other couples (certainly not Snowbarry), except maybe a tiny bit Eddie/Iris and Barry/Patty.  I definitely don’t ship Barry and Iris.  “But how could you not?!” the fans cry.  They just don’t suit each other, IMO.  Plus, Iris is annoying in the extreme – Barry’s too good for her.

Despite my complaints, however, I still do love many of the relationships – romantic or otherwise – in ‘The Flash’.  They’re one of my favorite parts of the show.

(There are some Barry/Iris moments I do like but none of them are actually romantic.)

(I also kinda ship Savitar and Killer Frost.)

// Time travel! //

This is pretty much the entire show. Like, seriously. This is all that happens.

Ever since I watched ‘Meet the Robinsons’, I’ve loved the concept of time travel.  It’s so cool! (‘Back to the Future’ was another film that led to that opinion.)  Now, granted (haha!), ‘The Flash’ shows the dangers of time travel, but I still enjoy seeing Barry do it, repercussions and all.  My favorite instance of time travel in the show is probably “Out of Time” and “Rogue Time”.  Cisco’s death and Barry telling Iris who he is and then it all getting reversed…it was an emotional punch that really worked.  I also liked how, in Season 2, everyone in the crossover episode turned to ash before Barry time-travelled again (Avengers: Infinity War, anyone?).

As I mentioned before, there are downsides to time travel in the show.  Like the Time Wraiths and Flashpoint (ugh) and Savitar.  But overall, I enjoy how ‘The Flash’ handles time travel and I’m interested to see if that’s taken any further in Season 4 and beyond.


So.  There you have it.  Five reasons why I love and adore ‘The Flash’.  Have you seen any episodes of this show?  Do you enjoy it, too?


rat patrol episode review: ‘the do re mi raid’

2018-03-21 14_12_32-The Rat Patrol S2 - E8 - YouTube.png

Rat Patrol might be cheesy and unrealistic, but I still love it. (Plus, it’s what got me into Combat! so…yes.)  I really went back and forth (as usual) about what TV show I’d chose to feature in this year’s Annual Favorite TV Show Episode Blogathon and even after I decided on Rat Patrol, it was difficult to pick an episode.  ‘Chain of Death’ is my favorite episode, but ‘Do Re Mi’ is really good and juicy and lends itself well to commentary.  Plus, it’s one of my favorites. 

Anyway, that’s my awkward introduction to this ep review…


The episode begins with Troy and Moffitt gazing through their binoculars over the desert terrain before them.  They exchange some terse, vaguely mysterious dialogue about convoys before rejoining Hitch and Tully, who look worried.  Their worry, we soon learn, is about something they have to do, some mission, something that doesn’t sit well with any of them. (Again, all very vague.)

2018-03-21 11_00_52-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

“Do you have a better idea?” Troy barks in typical Troy fashion.  Apparently, they don’t.  So they jump into the jeeps and head off.

As they drive away, the camera focuses on a gently sloping hill several hundred yards away and you see Dietrich sitting on a tank thingy along with several of his men.  Danger music!  Frankly, though, I’m always happy to see Dietrich.  There are quite a few episodes of Rat Patrol that don’t include him, which is never a good idea.  Dietrich is probably the best character on the show, in terms of depth and general, y’know, character. (Moffitt being a close second.)  Although occasionally he does play nasty!Dietrich, as we’ll see in a bit.

2018-03-21 11_01_21-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Anyway.  Some mild fisticuffs (not literally, but with armoured vehicles + jeeps) ensues and Troy gets thrown from his jeep to land pretty much in the hands of the enemy.  (I’ll just let you know right now that his capture was intentional, which makes me wonder if Hitch gave him a hard push to send him flying onto the sand.)  However Troy’s capture was orchestrated, it did happen, and Dietrich looks pretty okay with the turn of events.

Will Troy escape from these nasty Germans?!

*cut to opening credits*

(Note: ‘Do Re Mi’ is part of Season 2 and Season 2’s opening credits are loads cooler than those of Season 1.  You get ‘moving portraits’ of the main cast instead of static photos.  Pretty neat.  And those clips seem to capture everyone’s personalities quite well, except for Hitch who looks wayyyy too serious.)

Now back to the episode proper.  Troy is driven into the rather small POW camp by Dietrich.  Two prisoners (they seem to be the only prisoners here) are puttering around in the compound – they are Mickey Roberts and Perkins.  It looks like Roberts is hoeing, but that seems rather stupid as there’s no visible garden.  Just sand/dirt.  ANYWAY. (I’m saying that a lot, aren’t I?)  They both look sort of apprehensive about Troy, either because he seems to have a perpetual grimace on his face or they’re afraid of what the Germans will do to him or maybe wondering if he’s an informer the Germans are going to plant in the camp.  I’ll leave it up to you.

2018-03-21 11_01_57-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

I love how Dietrich reacts when Troy starts reciting namerankandserialnumber.  He’s just kind of weary and a bit frustrated but also slightly amused when he says “Let’s dispense with formalities, sergeant.  We’re not exactly strangers to each other.”  Makes me grin because they’re such good enemies they’re basically friends (see: ‘Chain of Death Raid’ and ‘Moment of Truce Raid’).  Nothing much comes of Troy and Dietrich’s conversation (‘stubborn’ is both of their middle names) except me swooning over Eric Braeden’s lovely, lovely German accent.  It’s really good when he’s speaking English, but one hundred percent better when he lapses into German.

So, Troy leaves without revealing any information about the Rats’ plans.  Duh.  May I point out how SMART Dietrich is?  Like, I know he hasn’t figured out their real mission, but the fact that he put two and two together and guessed that they had an important mission that warranted them taking the risk of an ambush…very intelligent.

2018-03-21 11_02_31-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Then there’s a super quick scene that cuts back to Moffitt and Hitch and Tully (who has an enormous, beautiful grin on his face at the start of the scene, for some reason) just to show that they haven’t forgotten Troy.  They say a few lines about some enemy convoy that doesn’t have much to do with the episode but it’s apparently important because they keep talking about it.

2018-03-21 11_02_45-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Back in his barracks, Troy tears off a strip of cloth from a blanket, for reasons unknown.  Seriously.  I’ve got no idea why he did this because he never uses it in the episode.  But it must be important because he stuffs it under the mattress when he hears footsteps coming.  Thankfully, those footsteps don’t belong to any of the Germans, but instead of his roommates – Roberts and Perkins.  Through some “as you know, Bob” dialogue, we learn that Troy’s super secret, super important mission is to break Roberts out of the camp and get him to safety.  Why is Roberts so important, you might ask?  Well, he’s a singer.  A pretty popular one, from the sounds of things (“There’s a million people burning candles for you back home, Roberts!”) and I guess the top brass is sick of having to answer thousands of inquires about the guy?

Perkins’ expressions during this scene are interesting and a bit sad, too.  Shock first, at Troy’s revelation.  Then some mixture of hope and fear and excitement…the actor may look a bit weird, but he’s good at what he does.

2018-03-21 11_03_15-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Roberts bargains for Perkins to tag along on the escape and Troy agrees. (Of course.)  So that’s settled.  There some interesting ‘Saving Private Ryan’ vibes here, because it seems kind of unfair that at least four men would risk their lives just rescue a singer. (I doubt this scenario is accurate, by the way.  If you have information one way or another, I’d love to know!)  Incidentally, Roberts is played by real-life singer Jack Jones and he’s a great singer and a great actor.  A lot of people can only be one or the other, so it’s nice to see someone who’s both.

Before Troy, Perkins, and Roberts can finesse their escape plan, a guard enters and orders Roberts to come with him.

2018-03-21 11_03_41-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Roberts enters the commandant’s office and stops short, arrested by the sound of himself singing (on a record).  The song is ‘That Tiny World’ and it sounds suspiciously sixties-ized for being in a WWII show.  The lyrics are kind of shallow/weird as well, which is a shame because they could’ve written something truly heartbreaking (in light of what happens later in this episode).  But whatever.  It still works.  Oh, and the point of this scene is that Dietrich asks/commands Roberts to entertain him and a few of his guests later that evening.  Dietrich also makes some comment about how Roberts knows just how profitable working with the Germans has been in the past. *sigh*

2018-03-21 11_03_42-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Back to Moffitt & Co.!  It’s hilarious how Tully says “I hope we can [take down the convoy].  All we have is one jeep and a few grenades.”  When has that ever stopped you guys?  I also grin when Moffitt purposefully and obviously stops talking so that he can be ‘interrupted’ by Dietrich’s surprise attack.  Classic.  Long story short, they all make it out safely, but Hitch’s glasses and kepi fall prisoner to Dietrich, a circumstance he will exploit to lower Troy’s morale. (If you watch carefully, you’ll see that Hitch actually makes it away safely with his kepi, but it doesn’t matter too much.)

2018-03-21 11_05_52-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Back at the POW camp, Roberts tells Troy that one man should stay behind to cover for the other two, and Troy assumes that he means Perkins should stay behind. (Perkins thinks this as well and it’s AWFUL, the look on his face.)  However, Roberts wants to stay behind – he doesn’t want to go back out and fight and maybe end up “picking shrapnel out of [his] gut”.  Troy gets angry and understandably so.  After all, he and his men have risked a lot to get Roberts to safety.

Then a bunch of stuff happens in rapid succession: some professional torturers (Dietrich’s guests) show up in the camp, Roberts and Perkins reveal that Perkins has secret information that the Germans want really badly (“How did they know Perkins knew?” Troy asks and it’s obvious Roberts had a hand in them knowing), Dietrich comes in – first to give Troy Hitch’s glasses (letting Troy draw the obvious conclusion) and then to bring Perkins to the commandant’s office.

2018-03-21 11_06_24-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Commercial break.

Perkins gets dragged back into the barracks, looking horribly beaten, and Troy and Roberts help him to a bunk.  Then Troy turns on Roberts, snarling out “You said they could break anyone!  Well, when did they break you, Roberts?!”  Roberts admits that he told the Germans that Perkins had important information and Troy is devastated.

2018-03-21 11_07_53-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Cue another break to the other Rats.  They’re watching the convoy trundle along and Hitch grinningly says of the binoculars “If these weren’t so heavy, I could use them for glasses”.  Awwww. (I know what it’s like to be without glasses when you really need them and it’s such a blah feeling.)

2018-03-21 11_08_12-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Meanwhile, Troy, Perkins, and Roberts are preparing to leave (as Moffitt and the others will be providing a diversion for their escape in probably just an hour or so).  Well, it’s more like Troy’s doing all the work and Perkins and Roberts are watching.  Troy hands Roberts a canteen and Roberts gives it up to Perkins and JACK JONES’ ACTING IS GUTWRENCHING RIGHT HERE.  He looks so defeated and ashamed and sad.

2018-03-21 11_08_28-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

According to plan, Troy drops a canteen from the barred window and when their guard comes over to investigate, Troy and Roberts and Perkins team-strangle the guy.  It’s actually quite violent.  Once the guard’s out of commission, Troy helps Perkins up onto the roof (which I’m confused about, since they just end up dropping down and escaping out the main gate anyway).  Roberts briefly turns the downed guard’s rifle on Troy (not entirely sure why) but then another guard appears to escort Roberts to entertain the German officers.  He and Troy take care of the guard and then Roberts takes the long, solitary walk to the commandant’s office to perform for the enemy.

2018-03-21 11_09_34-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Roberts gets to sing the entirety of ‘That Tiny World’.  The emotion on his face and in his voice is #actinggoals.  Even Dietrich looks sad/pensive.  It’s a nice, quiet moment that’s shattered by big explosions and machine gun fire and the general spreading of alarm and despondancy by Moffitt, Hitch, and Tully.

The Germans rush out (as does Roberts) and Perkins slips on the roof, making some noise and sending the spotlight’s beam directly on him and Troy.  Dietrich is about to fire on them (really, Dietrich?) when Roberts jumps on him.  The commandant then shoots Roberts in the back and when Roberts tries to shoot him, he shoots Roberts again, killing him. (That sentence was quite a mouthful, wasn’t it?)  Troy and Perkins slip away with the other Rats and, after checking to see if Roberts is alive, Dietrich walks away as well.  Leaving Roberts lying dead on the ground, sirens wailing and fires blazing in the background.  It’s a poignant end to the episode, or would be if the tag scene wasn’t the actual end.

2018-03-21 11_10_36-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png
I assume they’re making Roberts out to be some sort of Christ-like figure.  Doesn’t really work, but whatever.

Because the tag scene, while it has a quiet bit where Perkins and Troy give Roberts a literal moment of silent remembrance, ends with cheery music and joking between Troy and Hitch.  Quite jarring when you consider the gravity of what all just happened.  But oh well.  Rat Patrol can’t be serious for too long. (Also, if Hitch has lost his glasses, why is he the one driving?)

Other random observations:

  • Dietrich is mean for much of this episode.  I’m wondering if it’s because of the nasty commandant’s influence.  The way he treated Perkins and lied to Troy and all that…ouch.
  • ‘That Tiny World’ makes another appearance in ‘Fatal Reunion’, though only the instrumental version.  It’s a nice touch to an already sad scene.
  • One of my only complaints about this episode is that it focuses mostly on Troy (by far my least favorite Rat) and there isn’t enough Moffitt and Tully.  Not nearly enough.  But this episode is so good in other regards that I can excuse that.


2018-03-21 11_10_43-dvd____E__ - VLC media player.png

Have you seen this episode of Rat Patrol? (Or any episodes of the show?)


“run, barry, run!”


There wasn’t much I enjoyed/liked about season 2 of CW’s The Flash.  The plots felt too convoluted and weird and there was so much lying and angst.  In fact, there were only four or five things I truly liked about the second season.

  • All the Snart.  “Family of Rogues” was a wonderfully emotional episode that deepened the character of both Leonard and his sister, Lisa.  And then there’s the Christmas episode, “Running to Stand Still”, which doesn’t have too much Captain Cold, but he still warns Barry of Mardon’s plan, so that’s awesome.
  • Harry.  Earth 2’s Harrison Wells was closed off, serious, and a bit of a jerk for much of the season but I still like him.  Sure, he betrayed the group, but he had a good reason and he ended up helping Barry instead of hurting him.  I love storylines like Harry’s.
  • Zoom…sorta.  I didn’t really care about Zoom until he was unmasked.  Then he became more human (and, admit it, Teddy Sears looks pretty handsome in the Zoom suit – minus the mask, of course).
  • “Flashback” was cool.
  • And Ronnie and Caitlin were still a couple on Earth-2! (However briefly.)
I still prefer these two over Killer Frost and Deathstorm, though.

Besides all that, however, season 2 just didn’t grip me all that much.  Season 3 wasn’t looking much better, with its shaky “Flashpoint” start, but thanks to some intriguing plotlines and new characters, I liked it much better than the previous season.

The characters were brilliant.  While Iris makes me want to pull my hair out and Barry has devolved somewhat (season 1 Barry was the besssst), Cisco has stayed mostly the same (his relationships with Dante, Caitlin, and H.R. were wrenching).  Caitlin’s struggle to reconcile her old self and her new self is heartbreaking.  And then there’s Julian and H.R.


Julian is the legitimate best.  First he was the ‘love to hate’ type, with his biting comments and blackmail, but again, it was so great how the team welcomed him even after his (unwitting) turn as a bad guy.  The emotions are so real and juicy and my heart kinda melted for him.  Then there’s his relationship with Caitlin which is YASSSS and he looked so heartbroken when Killer Frost said she never loved him! 😦 (Since he ‘moves to London’ in Season 4, we’ll probably never get to see a reconciliation between the two.)  Honestly, though, Snowbert is one of my new favorite ships and there’s so many great moments they share.

(Do you know how confusing it is to ship a character with two people?  Because there’s the perfection that is Ronnie + Caitlin.  But also Julian + Caitlin.)

Can we talk about “The Once and Future Flash” for a moment?  That episode has some serious heartbreak.  The more I see of Cisco, the more I genuinely appreciate him and he’s quite amazing in this episode, what with trying to get the team back together and his Tragic Backstory and all that.  Carlos Valdes’ acting is on point throughout the entire episode. (And don’t forget Caitlin’s and Julian’s futures.  HE’S STILL TAKING CARE OF HER NO MATTER WHAT.)

Oooh, and what about “Infantino Street” and the look on Snart’s face when he kind of thinks that Barry’s going to leave him in the room with King Shark? *feeeeeels*


H.R., though.  TOM CAVANAGH IS A BRILLIANT ACTOR.  H.R. is like a ray of sunshine, a little, happy, winsome puppy that deserves the best that life has to offer.  Definitely brightened up Team Flash.  I’m really looking forward to seeing Cavanagh play the Council of Wells in season 4, too.

(Incidentally, my favorite version of Wells is still Earth-2 Wells.  But H.R. is a close second.)

One thing I will always love about Team Flash, even when certain members annoy me, is how forgiving and compassionate they are.  From Barry’s hug after Cisco’s betrayal in Season 1, to their gradual acceptance of Harry, to helping Lisa Snart, to trying to help Savitar, as well as bringing Julian into the team…frankly, they inspire me to give others second chances, too.  It’s such a beautiful part of the team dynamic.

Coffee is the best and so is H.R.

Sooooo, I think that’s I’ve got to say for today.  Let me know your thoughts on seasons 2 & 3 of The Flash in the comments!